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    Stew-Peters looks into the Ashley Biden diaries and talks to Alley Carter who was sexually abused by a long list of presidents, royalty and hollywood elites.
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    I did not say he did. I asked a question. However, it would explain why he want's to lower and legalize the consensual anal sex age down to 16. So with all the worlds problems and thousands of trucks in Ottawa, this is a priority?
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    He is a joke and a cocaine addict...perfect puppet for the west. I assume he is a pedophile too......
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    Your President ladies and gentlemen..... Source Video:
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    See the connection now? In this week's podcast, we discuss the Metaverse, the dangers of VR chat forums like VR Chat, and the huge problem of child predators within these forums.
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    Under Zelensky, Ukraine is the prostitution capital of the world famous for drugs, sex and corruption. Another video of him all lite up like a christmas tree.
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    The Attack on Society by the Zionists, Pedophila operators, LGBT, Sodomy is ok, the total destruction of the generation with their false propaganda while they themselves will not even marry a non-jew. Go Figure. YOU LOSE YOUR SENSE OF IDENTITY YOU LOSE EVERYTHING.
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    New Dark Outpost: Children Rescued After Putin Bombs Biden-Owned Pedophile Villa
    Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday told President Trump that Russia’s military destroyed a Biden-owned, 200-acre villa 35km west of Kyiv. He insisted that Biden was deeply enmeshed in Ukraine’s criminal enterprises, and promised T...
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    Everyone knows that Margaret Trudeau was a world-class flirt, but its not public that her tyranny-loving son may be behind a dark sex trafficking syndicate in Canada. Sandy Glaze exposes the crimes.
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    Building your future with fakebook such embarrassment named changed to metaverse the den for pedophiles. Here is another expose of the crimes. Fakebook stock is trading at half price from its December highs. More Pain Ahead for Main Stream Social Media. 
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    This is the pandemic that must be stopped, not with injections but with injunctions and death penalties! We want justice!