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    ================ (new world order review) ================ (PFIZER NONE THE WISER) Latest REALITY TEASER to the DEPOPULATION JAB AGENDA [SHARE] ================ PFIZER NONE THE WISER ! Music - Video …
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    Dr. Robert Malone: "We're in a situation in which big tech, big pharma, big government, big media are all conspiring to ensure that patients are not able to access information that will allow them to make an informed, consent decision to accept these vaccines."
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    Someone is lying to you! There are some things they don't want you to know. This is the story of Chlorine Dioxide which was at one stage called the Universal Antidote.
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    Dr Peter McCullough outlines that Myocarditis has never been seen in such huge amounts.
    Myocarditis has a 50% death rate over a 5 year period.
    The vaccine is causing Myocarditis
    The vaccine is failing large swathes of the general population, yet we are being mandated to take this death shot.
    Do not comply to the medical tyranny...
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    The Meaning Behind “Vaccine” Lots, not isolated viruses & many more – Webinar Dr Cowan: “In this webinar, I discussed the meaning behind the “COVID vaccine” lots. I also held a Q+A session; topics include: - What causes neuropathy? - Genetic disorders vs. “field” disorders - The m...
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    Dr. Jane Ruby presents the results at Stew Peters: Each of the six doses of vaccine from the vaccine bottle was 99.99203% (747 ng) graphene oxide. The remainder was RNA 0.00797% (6 ng)....
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    The immune system (or immunity) can be divided into two types - innate and adaptive immunity. This video has an immune system animation. The innate immune system consists of defenses against infection that are activated instantly as a pathogen attacks. Adaptive immunity (or acquired immunity) is a subsystem of the immune system tha...
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    Dr Coleman analysis government statistics and shows that COVID is no more deadly than the common flu.
    What is more deadly is the vaccination.
    This dispels the government and main stream media lies... if only people would look at the statistics instead of being fed propagandized lies
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    Spike Protein Detox - In this video we review how spike protein binds to sialic acid in human cells and can cause antibody dependent enhancement, and how a recently discovered drug may be able to repair the damage from this condition.
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    Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee and current analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, came forward with indisputable documentation that needs to be shared with the ENTIRE WORLD!
    The inoculation being referred to is the vaccine that is being forced upon the global population. It contains toxins meant to...
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    The Truthzilla team interview Dr Peter McCullough, Cardiologist, Epidemiologist, internist who is the leading expert on treatment of COVID at the clinical level
    In the video he touches upon early treatments of COVID which have sadly been supressed by the media and tech giants in favour of scaremongering and sensationalism.
    Dr McC...
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    Dr Carrie Madej talks about the Covid19 pandemic which has given the globalist elite a great opportunity to try out their nanobot biotechnology on the human population this year.
    Scarily similar to Agenda21's depopulation goals, this video is a logical investigation of Trans humanism, its origins and where mandatory vaccines will ...

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    Stew Peters talks to Michelle Malkin about Pfizers history of unethical practice which led to the death of Nigerian children in an unapproved medical experiment.
    Michelle Malkin brings us up to date with the conspiracy and medical tyranny that involves Anthony Fauci, the CDC, FDA and other governments departments ...
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    How FAR will they take vaccine tyranny? ALL THE WAY! “We always knew that the evil elites would be setting up internment camps for political dissidents sooner or later - you may remember that, many years ago, there were those videos about FEMA-camps, and those ominous 'FEMA emergency laws'. They're not making such 'emergency ...
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    Why is the narrative about vaccines propagandize by all main stream media outlets (TV, music, print, electronic adverts) stating it is good for you?
    Then look to satanic inferences that has been liberally peppered into all of this propaganda material.  
    We should not even point out the Mondial World Occult that is the pay ...
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    Are we living in a world of medical technocracy, where science has been institutionalized, where "supposed" experts dictate what we need to accept instead of relying on experiment based evidence.
    Dr. Ryan Cole examines autopsy results of people that died after being  vaccinated with one or two shots.
    Dr Cole investigating th...
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    Warp Speed ADE? Compilation Of Antibody Dependent Enhancement Concerns (Fauci, Malone, Hotez)
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    Stefan Oelrich President of Bayer Pharmaceuticals openly admits that the so called "vaccine" is actually gene therapy.
    This should scare all of us, no one wants to be experimented on with deadly gene therapy, yet it vaccines are being mandated by all major world governments.

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    Right from the beginning, trial and error on HUMANS, after they have consumer biotechnology based wheat, fruits and chickens, Its pretty sure they will soon realize they are NEXT. WE SHALL MODIFY the populace to FIT OUR TASTE. The war against America's children brought to you by Pfizer. 
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    The recent decision to approve vaccines in the 5 - 11 year old groups has caused concern among parents
    Dr Philip McMillian interviews International expert Geert Vander Bossche about the risk of the vaccine to children, especially as China had foced vaccinated apprx 84 million children by this weekend.
    The two renowned doctors dis...