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SNAPWIRE brings freshness in news reporting, objective, current affairs focused and uncensored

We do not track our users or sell their information. This is a private community news breaking platform.



We Report News. We Do Not Manufacture News!

Our mission is snapping the broken wire of main stream media and manufactured news journalism.


Our vision:

SnapWire vision is a open free uncensored decentralized community of news reporting.


Groups of members who can communicate, take action, create events, raise petitions and crowd funding for the most matters important in their communities.


Join SnapWires global family having a platform for your opinion.  


Share relevant and informative articles.  


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What we provide:

On our site, you can post, read and comment on news that appears or has been syndicated.  


Create polls making the community aware of relevant issues and further your cause by creating events, petitions and crowd funding.


SnapWire is not just a Breaking News Website, we activate our community around important issues augmenting stories and ideas for your benefit.


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As a contributing journalist, you have various tools at your disposal. After posting your Breaking News Story! you can keep following on new leads and citations at the backstory to get to the root for any newsworthy feature. 


You can dive deeply into any matter of interest, getting clearer information from reader’s comments and reactions.


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