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    The Democrats are finished and so is Biden who is the greatest joke across the world with the meme "Lets go Brandon". The Narrative of government health care.... government crony capitalism association with big-pharma is collapsing fast and brandon is running scared with the rest of the crooks. Fauci wife is the head of NIH.&n...
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    From every day people who question Covid-19 like other people around the world, who does that and that separates them from the Synthetic/Fake Left like TYT, Majority Report and its Supporters, who does not question Cooperated Media, Government and Big-Pharma narratives, like their use to before Covid-19 !
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    Dr Coleman analysis government statistics and shows that COVID is no more deadly than the common flu.
    What is more deadly is the vaccination.
    This dispels the government and main stream media lies... if only people would look at the statistics instead of being fed propagandized lies
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    Mike Adams talks about the the new variant originating from South Africa.
    If you buy the new variant fear mongering driven by MSM then we should look at the 6 case emanating from Botswana, the 6 cases were fully vaccinated... so what is actually going on, and why are the variants coming from the vaccinated.. and not the unvaccina...
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    Greg Mannarino ( leaves pricing /chart analytics to interview Dr Travis Harding
    In typical New York Wall Street fashion, no punches are pulled in this interview with Dr Travis Harding, a former Special Forces Ranger, now Doctor and practising clinician.
    Dr Harding begins by defining COVID and the general effects...
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    You will never trust a ‘Celebrity’ again when you watch this.
    This is genocide, and we are being lied to be actors and celebreties that have been put on a pedatsal so they can influence our actions and decisions.
    Look for the eveidence about adverse reaction, there are thousands.. yet they have been censored by the go...
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    PlannedDillusion interview Max Igan about current events around the world, in particular UK, US and Australia.
    The iinterview focuses on COVID restrictions, Child vaccine mandates, psychological techniques deployed by MSM and governments to brainwash civil society into compliance with the on going medical tyranny.
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    Why is the narrative about vaccines propagandize by all main stream media outlets (TV, music, print, electronic adverts) stating it is good for you?
    Then look to satanic inferences that has been liberally peppered into all of this propaganda material.  
    We should not even point out the Mondial World Occult that is the pay ...
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    Omicron fails to live up to hysteria,
    The Doctor who discovered the variant said "there are mild cases and symptoms"
    Perhaps the panic is unnecessary.
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    Alison Morrow interview's Dr Mark MacDonald on the fear and mass delusional psychosis that is being perpetrated on the global population by MSM and Governmental agencies.
    Touching on the harmful consequences the plethora of COVID restrictions (mask, lock downs, social distancing, vaccine passports, social segregation) from suicid...
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    With statistics out of Ireland and Gibraltar the case for vaccine passports is not credible... yet the EU would have us believe that this is for our own safety
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    Alex Jones interview General Flynn a top serving US military officer and Pentagon insider.
    His predictions about the COVID Plan-demic now moves to a new level as he sees manipulated data to claim their are increases in covid cases due to new variants, where there will be more lockdowns over the Christmas period
    Going forward he s...
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    In this video Crowder highlights that Anthony Fauci isn’t being honest about vaccinated vs. unvaccinated deaths.
    Crowder also has thoughts on Donald Trump suing the Jan. 6 commission.
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    This video montage is a precise summary of the lies surrounding COVID19.
    Is this forced vaccination drive that is harming million driven by profit or is this in line with the genocide and sterilization of civil society as laid out in the first two guidelines of the Georgia Capstones:

    Maintain humanity under 500,000,000....

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    O'Keefe explains the Pfizer CEO's apparent reaction to Project Veritas' undercover videos, the CNN debacle that has seen a producer fired for alleged sexual misconduct and the medias unwillingness to ask tough questions of politicians.
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    The official narrative is falling apart, as people wake up to join the mass protests against removal of basic freedoms.
    Sadly the fear mongering to induce mass psychosis has to continue, so we look at another variant and more lockdowns
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    A Pandemic of the unvaccinated? Data suggests NO
    An anonymous article published in the Guardian by a consultant to the NHS is an outright lie!
    If anyone with the sense and sensibility looked at official UK figures this would be very apparent.
    Paul breaks down this data to show the Guardian are only guarding the propaganda narrat...
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    It's so sad that majority of media consumers aren't intelligent enough to understand and appreciate these warnings. That said, the more lies the media try to get away with the more people I see waking up and that gives me a glimmer of hope. "It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of our own ignorance." -thomas s...
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    This is absolutely irresponsible. The whole world saw this differently, they're really being bold with this one. This should be the beginning of the end for outlets like this but we all know it'll have no effect on the devout listeners.