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  • by Wake Up
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    Singapore Digital id MOTB SYSTEM Revelation 13:16-18v
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    No Mention on main stream media of the adverse affects from the forced vaccination for a disease that has less than 1% fatality rate. How come people are not dying in Afghanistan or Africa without these vaccines. The fact remains no government will ever admit their actions have resulted in mass economic sufferings and deaths. Never...
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    Hello my name is Iris Koh. I'm the founder of Healing the Divide. Since July last year, I have spoken up about the vaccine mandates and organized many zoom educational events and my NGO has provided lots of support for the unvaccinated in Singapore.
    Currently I'm being charged for cheating MOH. I'm innocent. I have done what I've ...
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    Unvax Sporeans = Sporeans who r medically ineligible (except with MOH letter), Vax Free Sporeans who assess the risks outweight benefits for Covid jabs for now, Sporeans who r Partially Vaxxed and Sporeans who reject booster shots!