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    Luke Moore the man who was framed and falsely imprisoned by police officer son of former NSW Labor premier and ex-senator Kristina Keneally. Daniel Keneally joins Aussie Cossack to give a LIVE update tonight in today's events at the Downing Centre were Daniel Keneally plead not guilty to a charge of fabricating false evidence. At S...
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    Full Documentary for Every Person in Victoria Australia should Watch. Know Who you Enemy is Before Voting For him again.
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    Documents Reveal Australian Government in League with The States Openly Schemed to POISON Citizens/Children with the COVID mRNA Injections! Then A Mass Die-Off! This is planned/pre-meditated murder/genocide, depopulation agenda being carried out by the Australian Government and the States!
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    As if on cue, the authorities in Australia are threatening the country with a Christmas lockdown. They’re blaming it on, quote, “The Grandchildren of Omicron.” The only solution, of course, is for the public to submit to a never-ending stream of …
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    Source: It's like an God damn anti-virus update. This is not about health!
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    RPW HELP US GROW YOU DECIDE ???? - What is John’s opinion of our status quo? - Are we under martial law? - Toxic military vaccines. - The last days of lawyers and cops. - Australian ports and human trafficking. - Electi…
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    You can't push the lies of Climate Change if homes and streets are not flooded every year. Pre March 2020 no country on Earth had money to fix its flood problems. Post March 2020 an endless amount of cash is available for a fake virus. Australia's debt (25 million people) as of today is @ $1.37 trillion dollars. New Zealand's debt ...
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    Probably the best cricket player of all-time, Australian Shane Warne passed away early Saturday of an apparent heart attack in Thailand. He was double vaccinated against Covid in 2021, but still came down with the virus after being vaccinated. He was so bad with the symptoms that he was placed on a ventilator after he came down wit...
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    Governments Tyrannical behavior - They are so deep rooted in corruption, premeditated murder and crimes against humanity, at any cost suppress the voices the truth. Yet, its still out there and you can't hide this for long as everyone is now carrying a recording device in their pockets.
    Keeping this as evidence of their complicit...
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    Quote: "The Australian government is trying to turn their protestors into rotisserie chicken! On Friday, the Stew Peters Show exposed the truth of what the Australian government is doing in order to stay in control of their country, and suppress the freedom uprising down under. It has been uncovered that the Australian Government h...
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    Addressing a fully subscribed Zoom Conference with 1000 Australian Health Practitioners signing up to attend Dr Peter McCullough gave a presentation outlining the need to immediately drop the Clinical Trial Phase Vaccination program and boosters and adopt a far more effective and lifesaving approach of Early Treatment Protocols....
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    Riccardo Bosi is an author, speaker, Senate Candidate, former Australian Army Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel and National Leader of the Australia One Party.
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    Its is now a crime in Australia if you post about protests on social media. And if you do you may get a visit from the treasonous cops.. They pound on your door at night to harass and intimidate you for posting about the Freedom Protests on Facebook.. the goon squad are trying to condition you to accept tyranny... they're as evil a...
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    Scott Morrison continues to commit crimes against the Australian people deploying Sonic low frequency weapons against peaceful protesters! Shame on you SCOMO Yesterday is turn off the cell towers disrupt all life feeds for the protests Sunday its: Militarized Forces Tactical Forces Australian Police Force Australian Police Dogs and...
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    HIV is trending everywhere. Vaccinated ought to take a test for self peace of mind. Know thyself what ails you.