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    AUSTRALIA ONE National Leader Riccardo Bosi with an Emergency Message for Australia!!! - Call for Revolution, The Truth will soon be out. Fight for the Truth and Freedom
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    Despite all the proof we present on this site, extreme governments threats pushing down peoples throats a vaccine that is causing lots of deaths. Global deaths are still under-reported and what's not reported is vaccine adverse events, FACT: remains they can't admit to murder. They are turning aggressive to hide the truth...
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    Dr. Franc Zalewski - THE THING ! Another 'LIFE FORM' In The COVID VAX VIALS (english subs) Dr. Franc Zalewski finds living creature inside DeathVaxx vial.
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    "It is highly likely that more residents will be transferred to [quarantine camps] today."
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    PlannedDillusion interview Max Igan about current events around the world, in particular UK, US and Australia.
    The iinterview focuses on COVID restrictions, Child vaccine mandates, psychological techniques deployed by MSM and governments to brainwash civil society into compliance with the on going medical tyranny.
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    Wirritjin is an ancient prophecy, that over time saw black and white peoples unite to form a prosperous country.
    On September 18th 2021, all the indigenous tribes of Australia announced to the world that the Commonwealth corporation (UNIDROIT) that has ruled Australia should leave their land and are no longer welcome.
    The Austra...
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    Stew Peter's reports on the tyranny that is happening in Australia on the Australian aboriginal people.
    An impassioned plea from the leader of aboriginal people of the central Australian desert, where communities are under lock down and being terrorized unless they comply to take the vaccine.
    This genocide must be stopped....
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    In this video we should question why doctors are not present to administer this medical tyranny.
    Obviously this is a culling of the indigenous people of Australia, sadly it has started in Pilbara.
    An impassioned plea by the leader of this minority group to get clarity of what is going on.
    There is only one race: the human race.
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    Br Alexis Bungolo outlines what he sees from the Vatican in Rome saying jabbed people will have no immune system by Spring and that a non-jabbed person could kill a jabbed person who has no immune system by simply breathing on them.
    We should not worry about Covid camps because there will not be enough people available to work the...
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    10 News First (Australia) report that One QLD business owner has publicly said he will defy public health orders and that the vaccine mandate means 'human rights are taken away'.
    Such division is causing concern among health officials. 10 First News is a subsidiary of Viacom CBS
    That is why 10 News First is pushing the propagand...
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    Huge Crowds assemble at Australian Parliament House to demand Freedom! The main stream Media will never show you this...The Last Post has never sounded so great in Parliament before. We are on the right side of history!
    Keep going Australia! I'm so proud to see this it brings hope and joy to myself and millions of others who have ...
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    Respect to Ex Qantas Pilot Captain Graham Hood who is on the right side of history! We need blokes like this in Federal Parliament! This is fantastic!!! The voices of reason are so soothing to the soul. I literally felt the holy spirit moving in me, I was hanging on every word. I can't imagine those that were present did not feel i...
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    Saturday 22nd January 2022 Australia Freedom Rally
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    A call to all veterans
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    Jim Greer, the man who started this movement for Australia Convoy about what's happening & what the plan is #convoytocanberra #australia #strayaconvoytocanberra,  Update (Sat 29 Jan)
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    Djokovic is the real winner here. One of the few, or perhaps only sportsperson to have any principals. Excellent analysis Alex throughout this saga. The Australian Govt has clearly shown their hand… the country of the "vaccinated" only. I think …
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    by askfind
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    Recent protest against mandatory vaccinations in Melbourne Australia
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    You can't push the lies of Climate Change if homes and streets are not flooded every year. Pre March 2020 no country on Earth had money to fix its flood problems. Post March 2020 an endless amount of cash is available for a fake virus. Australia's debt (25 million people) as of today is @ $1.37 trillion dollars. New Zealand's debt ...
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    There is no way the Australian Government will get away with this! - Aussies support Novax Djokovic! Aussie Cossack taking your questions LIVE