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    These are MY views on today’s news. Links are provided to each story discussed to allow you to do your own research and make up your own mind on those matters. WARNING: This video uses Australian pronunciations and mis pronunciations! Today’s Link…
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    This Saturday 18th March Freedom Rally: STOP NATO! STOP ALBO! Prime Minister Albanese wants to commit 1.5% of Australia's total GDP go submarines that won't arrive till 2040... Be there this Saturday 12pm outside the Sydney Russian Consulate, Fullerton Street Woollahra \u2705\ufe0fFree BBQ, Music, meet and mingle with friendly like...
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    Australia’s equivalent of the FDA, the TGA, has been caught (1) having assigned causation to two childhood covid vaccine deaths and then (2) hiding those from the public. One was a 7-year-old boy, the other a 9-year-old girl. The TGA’s excuse? They “didn’t want to undermine public confidence.” Part 2 H...
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    Australia’s drug regulator deliberately hid vaccine deaths from the public, concerned that “disclosure could undermine public confidence”, it has been revealed. @WideAwakeMedia
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    Australia pushing the new mutant covid variant, Kraken and bill gates catastrophic contagion now in affect with fake main stream media full on board to fear people again into submission.   Website - Subscribe to Website - Support me on PATREON -
  • by Wake Up
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    Stephanie Maureen Ryan, an Australian politician, listen to her parliamentary speech against the madness of the COVID lunacy; this lady has stones for all the male politicians, huge praise for her! Oct 27, 2021 Second reading speech - Public Health…
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    STROPPY’S VIEWS ON THE NEWS Here are my views on what’s making the news today. These are MY views. WARNING: This video uses Australian pronunciations and mis-pronunciations. Today’s Links… US…
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    Australia's data shows numbers similar to other nations with a significant percentage of their population injected.
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    Tse Chi Lop has been extradited to face trial. Called a kingpin of global stature; a drug baron who the United Nations compares to the biggest in underworld history: El Chapo and Pablo Escobar, with guesstimated revenue of $18 billion a year. Let me tell you about it. ** PLEASE TAP "THANKS" BUTTON OR JOIN ME ON PATREON: http://patr...
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    Get ready to watch one of the best sprays you are ever likely to see. Thought Riccardo Bosi knew how to hand out a serve? Watch Commo John get warmed up then go on one of the best rants ever. The full playlist is at…
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    Here are my views on what’s making the news today. These are MY views. WARNING: This video uses Australian pronunciations and mis-pronunciations.
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    Now charge them for murder and bigpharma corruption. As Ayn Rand once said....... “Did you really think that we want those laws to be observed? We want them broken. There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough crimina...
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    Sky News host Peta Credlin says former Prime Minister Scott Morrison “wasn't even sorry” and “didn't give an adequate apology” for “doing the wrong thing” after he was censured by the parliament today for his secret ministerial portfolios. “For what Scott Morrison did, and for the secrecy, ...
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    Luke Moore the man who was framed and falsely imprisoned by police officer son of former NSW Labor premier and ex-senator Kristina Keneally. Daniel Keneally joins Aussie Cossack to give a LIVE update tonight in today's events at the Downing Centre were Daniel Keneally plead not guilty to a charge of fabricating false evidence. At S...
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    Full Documentary for Every Person in Victoria Australia should Watch. Know Who you Enemy is Before Voting For him again.
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    Documents Reveal Australian Government in League with The States Openly Schemed to POISON Citizens/Children with the COVID mRNA Injections! Then A Mass Die-Off! This is planned/pre-meditated murder/genocide, depopulation agenda being carried out by the Australian Government and the States!
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