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    Hospitals are murder centers. Don't trust them. End of life care is exactly what it says. They don't care enough to treat you. They are ending your life. They are also incentivized financially to do this.
    Source: Tim Truth:Remember the time Ventilators and Remdesivir instant deaths... they called it Delta wave. ...
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    The following is Jeffrey Epstein's phone book with all the names and phone numbers of everybody he thought important enough to have contact with. **
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    Critical Disclosure Radio - Nov 7th, 2022
    An interview from 3 weeks ago that I forgot to post.
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    What is in the so-calledCOVID-19 “Vaccines”?
    Part 1: Evidence of a Global Crime Against Humanity:\u26a0\ufe0f
    \u26a0\ufe0fScanning and Transmission Electron Microscopy Reveals Graphene Oxide in CoV-19 Vaccines\u26a0\ufe0f
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    The media is pushing a narrative of a “tripledemic,” a supposed simultaneous explosion of Covid, influenza, and RSV that is allegedly going to cause countless deaths this winter. Sites like Today dot com are calling it an ‘unprecedented surge” of cases.
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    Turkey and Iran strike US proxy The Duran: Episode 1445
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    ^^^ Read More: Surprised…
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    Biden is sending Ukraine billions of dollars of weaponry it can't use properly Kiev can’t maintain and repair complex US and NATO arms – if they break, they're useless. After hounding the US and other NATO members for weeks about his need for heavy weapons to defend against Russia’s ongoing “special military...
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    Unrest is growing in China over the country's strict COVID-19 measures. Fresh protests have broken out in major cities, with hundreds rallying at Beijing's elite Tsing-hua University, chanting 'we want freedom.' Many also held up blank sheets of paper in a symbolic protest against state censorship. More demonstrations have also bee...
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    Freak snowstorm" hits parts of Texas in spite of above freezing temperatures. Some of the chemically nucleated frozen material fell as far south as the Texas / Mexico border while most of the US was exceptionally warm for this time of the year. The moisture for the Texas "winter storm" originated from the record warm Gulf of Mexico...
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    by Wake Up
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    We were just told that this was the greatest Black Friday in the history of mankind. The only problem is that if you’ve been to a store or seeing people, you know that they have no money to buy anything. #BlackFriday #TheEconomy #Inflation #IAllegedly #BNPL #BuyNowPayLater #1099K #Venmo #CashApp #PayPal #zelleducation #ElonMu...
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    It is time to take the term "conspiracy theorist" and apply it on those people who are still believing the Covid lies. Subscribe to to be notified about new videos and get updates about my novels. Useful links and further resources can also be found here. - Become a member of this channel: https://www.youtub...
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    There’s a joke in China which says, ​​“everything is fake but your mother,” or “we can copy everything except your mother.” When it comes to counterfeit goods, no one can beat China. There’s nothing that would escape the scope of China’s counterfeiting factories. From luxury items like Gucc...
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    Sunday Mass - BOOM! Vig Viganò for the win AGAIN! Viganò to Medical Doctors for Covid Ethics International. "Pandemic is Only the First Step." Worth the read and who would have thought that it is Viganò coming up huge each time to set matters straight! Big praise! ‘Dear and distinguished friends, Allow me...
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