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    by Wake Up
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    The myth of Narcissus constitutes the archetypal root of the character structure of narcissism. Aspects of narcissism run from the healthy developmental narcissism of a child to the toxic narcissism of the psychopath, but all have in common a lack of empathy, whether momentary or chronic. We offer some thoughts on how to tell if yo...
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    by Wake Up
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    ???? Hi there! Welcome beautiful souls to my channel.
    I am a psychic intuitive reader and channel for spirit. I am here to share aspiring messages and give guidance to the collective.

    I hope you find the messages to be uplifting. Please use your own discernment when watching any pick a card readings, or any reading in general,...
  • 10:55
    by Wake Up
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    A pandemic of narcissism. Attention seeking influencers and social media is making people narcissist and depression and poor mental health is often the result.

    My gear and equipment can be found here:

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    . Maui: flash drought and anomalous 85 MPH winds perfectly timed to create an unprecedented inferno. "Maui experienced a two-category increase in drought severity in just three weeks from May to June, with that rapid intensification fitting the definition of a flash drought" (ABC news). "Even in the past week there's been a quick a...
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    As China's largest economic and financial center, Shanghai was consecutively ranked as the most attractive city for foreign talents in China for eight years. People from all over the world used to live, work, and even get married and raise families here. Early 2022 data indicated that approximately 460,000 foreigners from 47 countr...
  • by Wake Up
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    copyright owned by The Hill if it's not on corporate mainstream fake news disinformation media it's got to be true please also subscribe to the same levtcs channel at beware of scammers using this channel asking for money this channel...
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    In a move that has raised tensions in the Taiwan Strait, China's air force attacked two Taiwanese warships near the Senkaku Islands. The attack, which came as Taiwan and the United States were conducting joint military exercises in the area. #china #taiwan #usnavy
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    TheCrowhouse Audio Only:
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    The financial framework is now complete. Now that Wholesale CBDCs wiil be used, the US is that much closer to the rollout of Retail CBDCs, which will centralize the country's money and credit. On a global scale, the BIS sees a tokenized world where all real-world assets can be owned and transferred on a ledger. Our digital future i...
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    The Highwire with Del Bigtree: 5,500+ Posts Have Been Published In 2023: EarthNewspaper Newsletter: Support Honest Independent News:…
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    Similar pattern of excess deaths in many countries around the world ONS, UK, week ending 7 July 2023 (Week 27), Deaths registered in the UK, 11,147, (2.9% above) https://app.powe...
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    The UK, represented by a Royal Air Force detachment, is one of seven countries to take part in an American-led exercise, the largest readiness exercise in the history of the United States' Air Mobility Command. Exercise Mobility Guardian 23 included more than 70 aircraft from the allied nations, taking part over 3,000 miles of the ...
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    For further research see the post/thread at Defending-Gibraltar that contains this video: People who took the jab - They’ve been warned by Christ To survive …
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    For further research see the post/thread at Defending-Gibraltar that contains this video: World War 3 - News and Reports To survive what is coming, read/study: https://theway…
  • 09:26
    by dtrader
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    US Marine Jets Sink China Ship in the South China Sea After Chinese HARASSMENT of Philippine Drills In this video, we bring you exclusive footage of a high-stakes military encounter in the South China Sea. US Marine jets conducted daring flyovers during joint military drills with the Philippines, leading to the unexpected sinking o...
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    Donald Trump: "i'm EXPOSING everything before they can jail me" Trump/patriot-friendly free speech social media & video sites... -
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    #southchinaseadispute #westphilippinesea #hague #unclos #unitednationsgeneralassembly #unitednations Part 1: Part 2: In marking the seventh anniversary of the South China Sea ruling on July 12, the United States, Japan, and India urged China to follow international law and s...