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    Who would stand up to their research? Who is doing damage to society? Who should be believed.
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    Its Indeed scary to watch Humans critical thinking skills have been completely destroyed, right in front of the eyes they are watching deaths, corruption and calamities of the greatest order yet they think its all normal. Tuned into Stupid TV media box or stupid phones they have lost their free will and conscious abilities and a se...
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    This explains the Gibraltar massacre and the surge in Covid-19 cases everywhere in the world with high vaccination rates. The vaccine is a bio weapon and was continued with the inoculation. Do you see how they are distracting the public from looking into this by focusing the news on Ukraine?
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    The takeover of public health that we have documented in How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health and the remarkably brazen push to vaccinate everyone on the planet that we have documented in Bill Gates' Plan to Vaccinate the World was not, at base, about money. The unimaginable wealth that Gates has accrued is now being used to pu...
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    The unethical practices of the American medical system – in the last few years – are some of the worst in history. Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav joined the Stew Peters Show Friday to compare the tyranny within the Holocaust to what America faces with COVID genocide. Sharav shared the disturbing principles of doctors, t...
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    Vaccine Terrorism & Variant Venom: Fake Liberal Vanguards Prep For Variant Vengeance. What doesn't fit the propaganda narrative is Fake News!. Stop watching those channels, delete your fakebook, whatsapp and regain your freedom. 
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    URGENT - UK Scientists CONFIRM Graphene Mind Control Nano In All Covid Vaccine Vials
    Dr. Rob Verkerk summarizes the preliminary findings of an EbMCsquared CIC commissioned independent analysis of three types of Covid-19 vaccines.The study investigation was prompted by reports and concerns from scientists around the world suggestin...
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    International best-selling author and retired medical doctor, Dr Vernon Coleman, reports that the Bank of England and the British Government are introducting a programmable digital currency which will be used to control your spending habits. This is the first proof that social credit is coming to the West. Dr Coleman also assess pr...
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    Boosters May Weaken The Immune System Says European Medicine Agency (EMA) European Medicine Agency (EMA) has warned against the overuse of the boosters. Let's review their message and the mechanism of T cell exhaustion behind the message. Buy me a coffee :-) Become my patron:
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    NEW!! - URGENT PUBLIC NOTICE: Covid-19 vaccines and various UK civil servants are now under criminal investigation - Case number: 6029679/21
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    Resources: ???? NEW clips channel: ???? AMAC: ???? Hospital Rates: ???? Prime Age Deaths: ???? Religious Freedom: h...
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    Heart attacks and strokes, deaths are up across the board in once healthy individuals and the common denominator is the vaccine and booster jabs.
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    Dave Rubin of "The Rubin Report" talks to Rand Paul, the U.S. Senator for Kentucky, about his most recent feud with Dr. Fauci. Paul has once again confronted Fauci with email proof that he has been di
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    The CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky, admits vaccines don't prevent transmission of COVID-19, Justice Sotomayor claims there are 100000 kids hospitalized due to Covid when in fact the number is around 3000. Lies and Misinformation exposed, the vaccines are an attempt in society modification and control and have nothing to do with he...
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    This world is running by the psychopaths elites. The 99% could crush the 1% all it takes is waking people up. The censorship will increase. They can't have the people learning how badly they are being enslaved. After doing 100's of hours of research under lockdown its clear to me that agenda 2030, the great economic reset and ID202...
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    Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Associate Professor Google Scholar: Substack: Podcast: Personal Website: Laboratory Website: www.vkpr...
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    Mirror. Source Caught: Military Medical Cover-Up Whistleblower DOD With Vax Records Quote: "We know soldiers don’t need this vaccine for their he…
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    COVID-19: FOLLOWING THE MONEY In a time when real figures and stats are often concealed from the public, we took notice when a recent insurance CEO spoke out about the unprecedented spike in non-Covid deaths for people aged 18- 64. Hear what Heal…
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    New data has just been released looking at myocarditis in young males after mRNA vaccination. Its findings should be alarming to anyone paying attention with specific focus on the shortcomings it has exposed in regards to the CDC’s significant under…