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    The CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky, admits vaccines don't prevent transmission of COVID-19, Justice Sotomayor claims there are 100000 kids hospitalized due to Covid when in fact the number is around 3000. Lies and Misinformation exposed, the vaccines are an attempt in society modification and control and have nothing to do with he...
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    Dr. Robert Malone: "We're in a situation in which big tech, big pharma, big government, big media are all conspiring to ensure that patients are not able to access information that will allow them to make an informed, consent decision to accept these vaccines."
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    Dave Rubin of "The Rubin Report" talks to Rand Paul, the U.S. Senator for Kentucky, about his most recent feud with Dr. Fauci. Paul has once again confronted Fauci with email proof that he has been di
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    Telegram Channel - Dr Peter McCullough talks about the term mass formation psychosis, where the people keep excepting these death jabs despite the harm and damage its doing to the body. What's going on and how can …
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    The immune system (or immunity) can be divided into two types - innate and adaptive immunity. This video has an immune system animation. The innate immune system consists of defenses against infection that are activated instantly as a pathogen attacks. Adaptive immunity (or acquired immunity) is a subsystem of the immune system tha...
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    Dr Carrie Madej talks about the Covid19 pandemic which has given the globalist elite a great opportunity to try out their nanobot biotechnology on the human population this year.
    Scarily similar to Agenda21's depopulation goals, this video is a logical investigation of Trans humanism, its origins and where mandatory vaccines will ...
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    Warp Speed ADE? Compilation Of Antibody Dependent Enhancement Concerns (Fauci, Malone, Hotez)

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    Right from the beginning, trial and error on HUMANS, after they have consumer biotechnology based wheat, fruits and chickens, Its pretty sure they will soon realize they are NEXT. WE SHALL MODIFY the populace to FIT OUR TASTE. The war against America's children brought to you by Pfizer. 
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    BIG PHARMA is not interested about saving your LIFE! -IF they had a remedy to your symptoms the product need ends! As a business their goal is to keep you alive and as a long term customer! AND -any other way, and there are out of business. HOW DUMB Could You BE?. How could you simply comply and get yourself infected without t...
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    In this video, Dr Peter McCullough highlights vaccine, booster ineffectiveness, why freedom of choice is being removed globally, controversy of breakthrough infections, the dangers to your heart health and immune systems normal function
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    Who caused all those deaths where Remdesivir is the only allowed treatment? A case for accountability/. We will hold them accountable even decades later from now. Most if not all deaths that have occurred are due to Political Ambitions and Corrupt Business Practises by BigPharma companies and all of their associates, which als...
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    International best-selling author and retired medical doctor, Dr Vernon Coleman, reports that the Bank of England and the British Government are introducting a programmable digital currency which will be used to control your spending habits. This is the first proof that social credit is coming to the West. Dr Coleman also assess pr...
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    This world is running by the psychopaths elites. The 99% could crush the 1% all it takes is waking people up. The censorship will increase. They can't have the people learning how badly they are being enslaved. After doing 100's of hours of research under lockdown its clear to me that agenda 2030, the great economic reset and ID202...
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    This week was action packed with many victories for the Light and them attacking Kabal bases. DUMBS still being blown up world wide. Masonic lodges are also going up in flames. Weather warfare is being used to keep people indoors and transportation close to carry on with mass arrests. Jab mandate in the military is for strategic op...
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    TWEET THIS VIDEO RIGHT NOW: • Military documents state that EcoHealth Alliance approached DARPA in March 2018 seeking funding to conduct gain of function research of bat borne coronaviruses. The proposal, named Project Defuse, was rejected by DARPA over safety concerns and the notion that it violates the g...
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    VIDEO INFO & USEFUL RESOURCES BELOW 以下に掲載されているビデオ情報とその他のリソース CONTACT: TRUTH-4-JAPAN@PROTONMAIL.COM VIDEO INFO | ビデオ情報 • RELEASE DATE / 制作日 – 2021.12.25 • MIRRORED FROM / 元のビデオ – wil paranormal • SOURCE LINK / ビデオのソース – https://www.bitc…...
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    The immune system is the basic defence system of the body that protects us from harmful pathogens and diseases. GERM INFECTED PLACES YOU TOUCH EVERY DAY : The immune system consists of various types of cells and different proteins that kill the harmful invading micro-organisms and protect our body from ...
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    She was very hesitant to get the jab… “And I was pretty much told no jab, no job, can’t compete with my horses, can’t go anywhere. You’re selfish if you don’t get it, just get it. So, I tossed it out and did what was ‘right’ to do. I was a perfectly…
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    In this video, Blood Money, I will take a look at the STOCK CHARTS of two of the leading MEDICAL MAFIA COMPANIES—MODERNA & PFIZER. Date Recorded: Dec 3, 2021 11:13 AM *Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines ‘Dramatically Increase’ Heart Attack Risk, Renowned C…