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    They cannot control the narrative anymore, their main stream media propaganda channels including fake book and Big Tech simply can't delete the truth fast enough despite their many creations of fake False Checkers websites. Fact remains they released a virus made in biolabs, then created a fake protests "I can't breathe", Black Liv...
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    Eric Gajewski from TradCatKnight and David DuByne of ADAPT 2030 discuss food shortages that will manifest in 2022 because of fertilizer shortages and countries banning grain exports because of the Ukraine conflict.
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    In this special report: We’ve been told ‘Russia is to blame!’ for the recent price surges in pretty much everything…but is that the truth? What is really going on here? And what can you do to protect yourself and your family from inflation? Join Mike Maloney in today’s video update.
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    Martin Armstrong is a world renowned Economist, and regular guest at Zeee Media. - Russia, Ukraine, Sanctions, Food Shortages, WWIII, Great Reset, Economic Collapse.
    Today we discussed the Russia/Ukraine situation, sanctions being imposed on Russia, how this is effectively a declaration of war and what the implications of these ac...
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    GREAT RESET VILLAINS: Vaccines, Variants, Inflation, Biolabs, Propaganda & Reverse Psychology and War. 
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    Emphasis Ours.
    The global markets collapse is by design, firstly de-dollarisation occurs when USD reserves are been dumped the dollar in circulation is extinguished creating a short term scarcity and driving rhe dollar higher in the short term which likely will also mark the peak of dollar supremacy. 
    This then creates a dou...
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    Dollar is imploding and with that every other fiat currency is as well. Debts cannot be paid via taxes or income in any shape of form. The System Collapse is certain and central bankers are now warming up to Central Bank Digital Currency, another Darpa Project to implement the social credit system and Universal Basic Income. N...
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    Russia cut off from delivering gold to London already causing cancelled deliveries and defaults, European banks need to hold more gold vs paper gold due to Basel 3 but the supply stopped with sanctions. Interest and orders from individuals up 250% across the planet. Russia cut off from IMF.Stagflation = High Debts + Zero Growth = W...
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    The many food and labor shortages of 2022 can be explained in a few short words, for one human fertility is on the way down and population growth is already in a contraction phrase with climate change events witnessed worldwide growth of food has been severely affected together with fertilizer & herbicide shortages leading...
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    Canadian Banks blocking peoples monies and the banks shutting down this past week shows our vulnerable the situation is for the banks hold very little reserves in our debt financed world. It's also highly illegal for them to block peoples bank accounts in the face of an emergency, due process was not applied therefore making the wh...
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    Why YOU Will Cause The Next Recession!
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    Summary: I have Wolf Richter on the show to discuss some of the direct effects of inflation and how they’ve been impacting our day to day lives. Not only does this phenomenon turn savers into spenders; we are ultimately spending more regardless due to property rents spiking, used automobiles going up in price, and shortages of mate...
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    Inflation is picking up, the people are now asking questions and want answers. The people need to see economic tyranny, one seen they people will understand. The people are being brought to the economic precipice.
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    Goldman ups Fed hike forecast to 7 rate increases in 2022 after CPI data Goldman Sachs said it expects seven 25 basis point interest rate rises from the U.S. Federal Reserve this year, up from its previous forecast of five and updating its forecast after Thursday's U.S. inflation data. U.S. consumer prices surged 7.5% last month on...
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    Tom welcomes back Chris Irons, host of the Quoth The Raven podcast, to the show. To subscribe to our newsletter and get notified of new shows, please visit
    Chris discusses how we live in an age where narratives can't be questioned without becoming considered a conspiracy theorist. The market however is dem...
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    UK Gas Price Crisis & More Food Problems On The Way DISCLAIMER This video is for entertainment purposes ONLY & designed to help your thinking, not direct it. These videos shall NOT be construed as tax, legal or financial advice and may be outdated or inaccurate; all decisions made as a result of viewing are yours alone....
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    Food shortages are a global problem now and there isn't a single country that hasn't been affected by this over the last year American shoppers fired up social media complaining of empty shelves at Walmarts and Meijer stores, after being met with empty meat isles. And some large grocery stores in Florida & California were actua...
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    Economic forecasts miss by 19X the expert projections. Stores in Australia begin purchase limits once again and train robberies from Chicago to L.A, its like we are back into the 1880s again.
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    Max Keiser looks at Janet Yellen US Treasury Secretary calls for $150 trillion, or $100 trillion plus, to get to ‘net zero,’.
    Stacy and Max touch on how the Overton Window is shifted in terms of dollar debasement, the dollar being in hyper deflation against Bitcoin and another excuse to bail out the banks from this fin...