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    It is time to take the term "conspiracy theorist" and apply it on those people who are still believing the Covid lies. Subscribe to to be notified about new videos and get updates about my novels. Useful links and further resources can also be found here. - Become a member of this channel: https://www.youtub...
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    INVASION OF IRELAND continues.Due to the Oireachtas,Media and Vested Interests.
  • by Wake Up
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    RPW HELP US GROW! Share far and wide.  
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    Mass Formation Psychosis - Perception Management is managed by the main stream media who is just another propaganda channel of the Governments and Corrupt Industrials. Keep the sheep dumb, keep them uninformed and whenever there is a threat to the narrative call it out as FAKE NEWS. They lied to you about everything so far, be it w...
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    This is why they are banning RT media in the West, so you cannot see the truth coming out of Russian media.
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    3 Studies: FOIA Documents:  
  • by askfind
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    Vaccine Terrorism & Variant Venom: Fake Liberal Vanguards Prep For Variant Vengeance. What doesn't fit the propaganda narrative is Fake News!. Stop watching those channels, delete your fakebook, whatsapp and regain your freedom. 
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    Joe Rogan has opened up a pandora's box of lies which main stream media is so trying hard to fake check, in-fact if you look at all the fact checkers they are manipulating the concerns raised to keep the agenda to keep on jabbing you! Follow the money! Follow the Agenda! Main Stream Media is the one who coerced you into taking...
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    Watch how this “journalist” acts when he thinks the cameras are off. This gives you a glimpse into how these shills work to push the establishment’s agenda.
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    Some years ago, actor Tom Cruise questioned the over-use of pharmaceuticals on vulnerable people. The pharmaceutical industry swung into action to discredit Cruise and keep sales high. Podcaster Joe Rogan recently fell afoul of the same industry and is now experiencing a similar assault on his name and credibility. In short, he's b...
  • by askfind
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    File Police Reports Against Disinformation Artists. The Main Stream Media who collected Hundreds of Millions for Pushing The OFFICIIAL FALSE NARRATIVE. The Health Departmernts manned by Corrupt Politicians in White Coats who will not disclose the ingredients of the Vaccine nor will disclose product disclamers with misrepresenting c...
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    CNN in Collapse Mode. Joe Rogan in the News, which is a good thing, unless you are living under a rock you would realize the overdrive of Health Ministers and their Cohorts, the main stream media and Corrupt Politicians unable to control their lies about the planned pandemic, denial of alternative covid treatments and the adverse a...
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    Those that know what’s coming are using today to prepare. Recorded live on Wednesday Night February 9, 2022 Find me on: Home site: Members cha…

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    The Free Media? All paid parrots, reading scripts. Disgusting, lying, propaganda. Never ever trust the Mainstream Media, you can take it for granted, that the truth is the OPPOSITE of what they say! "THIS IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS TO OUR DEMOCRACY…
  • HOT

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    Tom Quiggin has said that the Freedom Convoy is NOT an insurrection, that it's a political movement of people who are practicing the rights enshrined in the Canadian Constitution, and that the gaslighting from Politicians and Corporate Media is a form of psychological warfare being conducted against We The People. Any acts of oppre...
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    Senator Ron Johnson is the only member of Congress that cares about the truth that's being hidden by the Main Stream Media when it comes to the COVID plandemic. OAN, Rumble and Infowars will be one of the few places you can watch the COVID-19 A Second Opinion roundtable symposium in its entirety.
  • by askfind
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    A 40% increase in mortality after the jab roll-out began is proof of GENOCIDE. They're not going to be able to sweep this under the rug, and it's this truth getting out that will lead to prosecutions for Crimes Against Humanity
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    Anita Krishna, former MSM control room director at Global News, spoke at, The Media Is the Virus Rally, Vancouver, February 5/22.