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  • by askfind
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    From every day people who question Covid-19 like other people around the world, who does that and that separates them from the Synthetic/Fake Left like TYT, Majority Report and its Supporters, who does not question Cooperated Media, Government and Big-Pharma narratives, like their use to before Covid-19 !
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    The narrative is collapsing and they can't hide it anymore. Vaccinated individuals have had their immunity compromised and damaged, so much so deaths and injuries will keep on surfacing for years to come. The Narrative is collapsing and fake fact checkers have been caught wrong footed and exposed. 
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    Mainstream media is complicit in selectively censoring logically voices and deciding for the rest of us what is truth and what is not. A mass exodus is ongoing from these propaganda channels whose key objectives are exposed to keep the dumb sheep in fear and coerced with propaganda. 
    Mike Durant and Dr. Peter McCullough ...
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    by askfind
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    10 News First (Australia) report that One QLD business owner has publicly said he will defy public health orders and that the vaccine mandate means 'human rights are taken away'.
    Such division is causing concern among health officials. 10 First News is a subsidiary of Viacom CBS
    That is why 10 News First is pushing the propagand...
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    This is a brilliant piece of journalism lads. Thank you. It’s enlightening to have real journalist instead of ideological mercenaries (that is what so much journalists and media have become). It's nice knowing I'll always know who the bad guys are and I'll never be tricked into forgiving them. B & M have all their donatio...

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    Dr. Robert Malone: COVID Dogma, Media Fearmongering, and ‘Mass Formation’ Hypnosis of Society PART 1 Quote: I may be one of the very few that has this depth of understanding of the technology that doesn’t have a direct financial conflict of interest…
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    A hostage situation was apparently caught on livestream before Texas Officials reacted to the news of the hostage situation at Colleyville synagogue.
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    It's so sad that majority of media consumers aren't intelligent enough to understand and appreciate these warnings. That said, the more lies the media try to get away with the more people I see waking up and that gives me a glimmer of hope. "It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of our own ignorance." -thomas s...
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    Israel's health ministry on Monday reported that infections had reached new daily highs. The ministry said there had been 21,501 new cases in the past 24 hours. Its believed the figures could be higher, but Israel has eased up on testing. Around 61 percent of the country has been fully vaccinated with booster jabs. The country has ...
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    This is absolutely irresponsible. The whole world saw this differently, they're really being bold with this one. This should be the beginning of the end for outlets like this but we all know it'll have no effect on the devout listeners.
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    And why the mainstream media desperately says mass psychosis doesn’t exist. They are part of the programming of the herd. Have you heard of the emerging theory of what viruses might be: Are you absolutely certain that Covid-19 is contagious or even real? How confident are you in the results from the PCR test? Is there somethi...
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    Source Canadian Patriot uploads a lot of very insightful rants, I strongly suggest giving his channel a follow.
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    Why is main stream media not questioning the governments narrative and covering up covid jabs deaths and adverse affects????????
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    Stay United. Stay Firm. This is the closest the world has come to civil war. Unless we stand United we are done. The Globalists and their illegitimate politicians are trying to enslave humanity.
  • by askfind
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    Main Stream Media will never admit their role in creating  mass formation psychosis, ITS REAL AND ITS EXISTS. They will never report the truth. Avoid MSM. DELETE QR APPS and Never Comply!. There are more of us than them.
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    3 Studies: FOIA Documents:  
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    Sure enough, legacy mainstream media has found some "stories" about a couple of idiots in crowds of thousands. Not surprising at fact this was highly probable and predicted by many. Why does ANYONE watch or pay attention to these "media" outlets anymore? Serious question. #freedomconvoy2022 #truckersforfreedom Freedom is n...