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    Crypto Caroba Cabal. Agenda21 NWO
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    If Kill Bill hasn’t killed you yet, the NWO has a lot more up their Grim Reaper sleeve. Choose your poison: Fentanyl jabs and lab meat - what could possibly go wrong? *NEW* Contest | TCV Summit: Hardware Basi…
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    Little Boy Macaroni and Dementia Addled Joe echo Emperor Klaus' call for a new One World Order (which used to be called a conspiracy theory about a "new world order" and "one world government" - yet here we are, in their own words). Clips of all 3, then a discussion by Steyn on Klaus' call. In putting this one together the though...
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    if it's not on mainstream fake news media it's got to be true REMEMBER WHEN MICHAEL JACKSON STARTED TALKING ABOUT THE ILLUMINATI AND WHO RUNS HOLLYWOOD? Angry Arizonan…
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    QUESTIONS? --- SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNELS: Odysee: Rumble: Youtube: // AND:…
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    EVEN ATTACKS BY MEANS OF NEGATIVE REVIEWS CANNOT STOP THE TRUTH TO BE EXPOSED ==================================================== ENGLISH CHEMBUSTER PRODUCTION ======================================…
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    HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW IF THIS IS TRUE? AMERICA IS THE NEW TWILIGHT ZONE! - WAKE UP!. How do you even know if any of this is true?, Am questioning this very question of your existence. How do you even know that you exist? Are you even real. You are injected with a serum of what it does, you have no idea! You have no idea if...
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    Who are the hidden hands behind the destructive events occurring worldwide? Get some background information. 
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    Only two times these moments have arrived and each time we have high debts and stagnation we get world wars coinciding with these we also have a situation there is concerted efforts where each country is undertaking steps in a lockstep fashion. The World war with Russia will escalate from hereon forward, first this is due to h...
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    By Early next week markets will begin their greatest collapse to the downside as it becomes increasingly clear the Ukraine war is a drama to loot the west and divert attention away from the past crimes. Global Currency Reset and Gold Repricing while Global Stock Markets collapse on news of a False Flag attack pushing the fear and c...
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    Russia! Benjamin Fulford Report! Deep State Arrests! Gates Bioweapon Depopulation Plan! - We The People NewsEVEN ATTACKS BY MEANS OF NEGATIVE REVIEWS CANNOT STOP THE TRUTH TO BE EXPOSED================ENGLISHNo matter how they spin it … Democrats, the media, and neocon RINO Republicans uniting in Congress doesn’t mean ...
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    Dr Astrid Stuckelberger is a PhD in Population Health and Privat-Docent at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva and Lausanne. She has been teaching and conducting research for over 25 years, has a BSc in Genetic Psychology, and a Master of Science. She has worked with WHO on pandemic management and International Heal...
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    RESTORED REPUBLIC VIA A GCR UPDATE OF MARCH 10, 2022 - Judy Note: Another day of having to chose which dramatic story to headline, so I just listed them all:

    With the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant recently cut off from their power supply the cooling of stored fuel rods were now at risk of leaking radiation at any time.
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    Emphasis Ours.
    The global markets collapse is by design, firstly de-dollarisation occurs when USD reserves are been dumped the dollar in circulation is extinguished creating a short term scarcity and driving rhe dollar higher in the short term which likely will also mark the peak of dollar supremacy. 
    This then creates a dou...
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    Klaus Schawb has laid it all out, he has told us what they are going to do and how they are going to do it..
    Sometime in the very near future a manufactured event is going to grind the economies and social structure of this world to a sudden and instant halt, in the blink of an eye this world is going to CHANGE and it is going to ...
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    The technology that is being readied to control the nations and people of this earth is far beyond what the majority of people could ever imagine, this video shows what life will be like living under the NWO system of the beast and the hell that some are already enduring as "targeted individuals".
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    Are the Khazarian Mafia really the head of the snake? If they're really Nazis, then why are they being armed by Israel? And why are the lockstepping New World Order governments who've been genocide their own people for the last 2-years now suddenly freaking out over what's happening in Ukraine?
    Watch this latest installment of Vla...
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    Khazarian Mafia The True Rulers of the World - Documentary
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    Rothchild, Soros, Jewish Banking Elites, and Sachs Coburg behind infiltration and take down of World Governments.