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  • by askfind
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    Hats have produced a short informative introduction about Graphene oxide, an ingredient in the vaccines.
    Touching on the use of graphene oxide in industrial and commercial manufacturing, putting 5G, AI and trans-humanism in context of recent events
  • by dtrader
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    ENGLISH By Anonymous I was the head of the largest business unit at Vodafone. Their headquarters in Newberry between 2013 through 2015. Um, I was privy to a number of the new tech technologies that were coming down the pipe that was going to be implemented, naming-ly the internet of things, and secondly, the 5g technology. I knew a...
  • by askfind
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    Quote: "5G is becoming the talk of the nation, however this talk could classify you as a domestic terrorist if you keep it up! Karen Kingston joins Stew with some startling new info about the extent of the Biden-Junta's information warfare.
  • by askfind
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    5G Cell phone towers are very high radiation emitting platforms which are directly linked to cancer rates exploding in many countries and despite many voices raised against them they still want it bank rolled, just like the vaccines. Madness. mRNA experimental cancer vaccines coming soon.
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    Are you wondering what's the big deal surrounding 5G and the huge controvesy surrounding it. Question everything! Which is exactly what they did. Watch and Wake up!. Dr. Andrew Kaufman and filmmaker Marcy Cravat join me. to discuss germ theory, fake viruses and very real and potentially lethal 5G, Their new film TERRAIN premieres a...