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  • by askfind
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    Hats have produced a short informative introduction about Graphene oxide, an ingredient in the vaccines.
    Touching on the use of graphene oxide in industrial and commercial manufacturing, putting 5G, AI and trans-humanism in context of recent events
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    by askfind
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    Black Mirror a UK TV series written by Charlie Brooker looks at an American tourist playing an augmented reality game, with shocking consequences.
    Is this a glimpse of what awaits  all of us as mandatory vaccinations are continuing in fullforce?
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    i24news report on Sweden being the first country to go totally cashless.
    Sadly the reporter re frames the narrative around a cashless society and payments by implanted microchip, singing praises of convenience, safety and security.
    Consider this a step towards trans humanism and deeper integration into the AI grid that will allo...