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    Using the PULS cardiac test, researchers have found Pfizer and Moderna mRNA COVID shots dramatically increase biomarkers associated with thrombosis, cardiomyopathy and other vascular events following vaccination
    Pre- and post-injection PULS tests for 566 patients were compared. On average, their PULS scores went from an 11% fi...

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    Stew Peters talks to Michelle Malkin about Pfizers history of unethical practice which led to the death of Nigerian children in an unapproved medical experiment.
    Michelle Malkin brings us up to date with the conspiracy and medical tyranny that involves Anthony Fauci, the CDC, FDA and other governments departments ...
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    Why is the narrative about vaccines propagandize by all main stream media outlets (TV, music, print, electronic adverts) stating it is good for you?
    Then look to satanic inferences that has been liberally peppered into all of this propaganda material.  
    We should not even point out the Mondial World Occult that is the pay ...
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    The recent decision to approve vaccines in the 5 - 11 year old groups has caused concern among parents
    Dr Philip McMillian interviews International expert Geert Vander Bossche about the risk of the vaccine to children, especially as China had foced vaccinated apprx 84 million children by this weekend.
    The two renowned doctors dis...
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    Max Igan overviews current news, in particular QLD COVID restrictions, treason perpetrated by prime ministers and presidents globally.
    The current protests / rallies globally against this medical tyranny. Max logically conjectures that a false flag attack may be in the planning.
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    Avi Yemini of Rebel News caught up with United Australia Party leader Craig Kelly in Melbourne.
    The message he sent to Daniel Andrews should make all people support his party and cause.
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    Alex Jones breaks down how Joe Biden's deceptive rhetoric suggests there is no 'new normal' while simultaneously saying the 'new normal' is for everybody to take COVID vaccines and booster shots, effectively holding the American people hostage while threatening them with new lockdowns....
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    by askfind
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    Recent protest against mandatory vaccinations in Melbourne Australia
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    As more and more Americans take a stand against Biden’s vaccine mandates, Steve Kirsch, President of the Vaccine Research Safety Foundation states that the vaccines are unsafe and unproven with mounting evidence indicating the COVID injections could be even more dangerous than previously thought.
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    One America’s Pearson reports that more and more Americans take a stand against Biden’s vaccine mandates, mounting evidence suggests the COVID injections could be even more dangerous than previously thought.
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    Nigel Farage states that for the state to say that you absolutely have to get the vaccine, and if you don't you can be fined or perhaps even put in prison, I think this is a step too far.'