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    Let me tell you something, If you don't have a pandemic baby you cannot sit with me. I am trying to tell you they are build different, these new pandemic babies are build different and with an Attitude. BIOTECHNOLOGY for you! 
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    In a recent roundtable discussion about the mRna gene therapy bioweapon, Dr. Lee Merritt dropped some knowledge, data and a startling truth.

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    That is a new one on me. I was not aware that God made any mistakes in our DNA. If there has been a problem with our DNA I am more likely to believe some asshole like this Bourla character caused it with a vaccine or some other medication. These bastards create diseases and cause the problems to sell more quack cures that cause mor...
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    Majority of People who got PFIZER Jab didn't give informed Consent for a GENE THERAPY TREATMENT and its not even working. Calling this gene therapy shot is misrepresentation of traditional vaccine.