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    As CEO's such as Albert Bourla (Pfizer) ramp up rhetoric to make it a criminal offense to voice negative opinions about the vaccine, freedom of opinion is being eroded at every level.
    Hypocrisy is replete, with Bill Gates stating that the vaccine can not stop infection or transmission, just lessen the symptoms of the COVID virus ...
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    Johnson is not, as he himself noted on the Senate floor, the first to criticize Fauci for his health advice in the AIDS epidemic. Sean Strub, an AIDS patient and activist, wrote an article on Fauci’s role in the AIDS epidemic for the Huffington Post in 2017, long before Fauci became a leadership figure. In his article, which ...
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    Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin has been doing brave work to highlight all the unnecessary injuries and possibly deaths inflicted on our young people by vaccine mandates, mandates that are doing nothing to stop the disease and wouldn’t matter if they did, because young people are at virtually no risk from Covid. A few weeks ...