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    COVID-19: GARY NULL DECONSTRUCTING MYTH OF AIDS - (BOTH Viruses are exact look alike’s)-GALLO & FAUCI LYING about AIDS on camera back in the 90’s. AIDS never isolated as a Retrovirus which is require for identification. Incredible documentary.
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     电影南京大屠杀 中英字幕 The Film Nanjing Massacre Eng Subs 映画南京大虐殺 영화 난징 학살 Massacre de Nanjing
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    I didn't even bother putting this on YouTube so this is the first time i've share this info. I was in two minds whether sharing this info was the right thing to do, but people have the right to know the 'real' WHO. I discovered that WHO has a mutual benefits partnership with WIV which I don't think was ever meant to be public knowl...
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    The Battle of China. Historical Archives.
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    History of CDC LIES! Congressman Posey speaks on the House floor about a CDC whistleblower exposing deception at the CDC. July 29, 2015
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    First Published on Feb 11 2017 - Sheikh Imran Hosein An Islamist theologist has detailed it why this war which began on the 24th of February of 2022 is an important step in the coming of the new world order and its perspective in the end times. Grab some history lessons here before running around like a headless chicken. These are ...