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    by askfind
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    Richplanet proudly presents the latest film by U.S. film maker Chris Hampton of Wolf Clan Media. The film delves deeply into the companies, individuals and families who have profited from the global pandemic scam. He exposes a complicated web of global power, which leads largely to Switzerland and also to Italian black nobility fam...
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    The local doctor who was suspended by Houston Methodist after they said she was spreading dangerous misinformation about COVID-19 treatments has resigned Tuesday.
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    This ER Doctor practicing in Canada flee's to US to re-certify due to the medical tyranny and policies.
    He highlights the flaws in the Canadian medical system and the hypocritical policies that strike fear and loathing in to Canadian citizens
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    The CDC is not telling us the truth and now they admit 6% of total deaths were those who were vaxxed. There is no pandemic.