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  • 04:18
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    Want to buy food and get there by bus? Tough.
    Medical apartheid ramps up in Ireland as this Senator wants to ban the unvaccinated from public transport and supermarkets.
    Perhaps the most humane thing to do is let the unvaccinated starve to death while walking to forage for food?
    Do not comply with the segregation of society, di...
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    Max Igan overviews current news, in particular QLD COVID restrictions, treason perpetrated by prime ministers and presidents globally.
    The current protests / rallies globally against this medical tyranny. Max logically conjectures that a false flag attack may be in the planning.
  • 10:29
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    German news channel DW reports on the growing protests in Europe.
    As many governments tighten restrictions to curb surging coronavirus infections, there's growing anger from opponents of the measures.
    Tens of thousands have rallied across Europe. Campaigners say authorities are failing to strike the right balance between protecti...