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    The Nazis here in the USSA are helping out their Nazi bros in Ukraine. Nazis in control of top-secret biological research laboratories — Hmm, sounds familiar, somehow…...
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    The USA government has provided military assistance to the Azov Battalion, known as a bastion of neo-Nazism within the Ukrainian armed forces. Obama-Biden Administration EXPOSED Funding & Arming Neo-Nazi Groups in Ukraine since 2014....
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    You can already see that Obama has his Operatives 'crew' back with the latest False Flag that they are trying to stage on us. One thing that I will give Trump credit with - is the low amount of hoaxes and false flags that happened under his Presidency. Under Obama it was getting to be quite silly with the amount of Shooting Hoaxes ...
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    Video which proves that Obama, Kerry, Biden, Schiff and the entire democratic party was corrupt and should all be in jail for their participation in the Ukraine scandal.