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    Justice for this Justin. Justin Tredeau: The pandemic provides an excellent opportunity for the great reset.
    The reset is people are taking away power from those who think they have power of the people to remain in a position of Authority. The Canadian Truckers have unleashed a global revolution on the corrupt and "Public ...
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    Mirror. Source Dr. David Martin Presents the Practical Plan to End the "Pandemic" & Great Reset Agenda "Dr. David Martin …
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    Treason. Every government official including the civil servants take notice.
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    Canadians are trying to resist the Communist oppression being forced upon them but need help from everyone all around the world. CANADIANS ARE URGED TO COME TO OTTAWA NOW. New Funding is being established if it is not blocked. GIVESENDGO is the new fundraising page if it becomes available. DO NOT COMPLY TO THIS TRUDEAU TYRANNY...