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    Corporal Bulford Canada Resigns From Justin Trudeau Over Tyrannical Orders And Outlines How many laws were broken by the government and what are the roles of the RCMP of the civil police force which is to protect and serve the people NOT THE GOVERNMENT. 
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    Lawyer explains - The Media is lying about the truckers convoy and the propaganda is to show the protesters as racists, which is totally not true and now GoFundMe is also under pressure to pull the funding... Avoid MSM. Wake Up. The cancel culture is directed at what doesn't fit their agenda is fake news.
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    Some people have no idea why the Truckers came to Ottawa and just want them to leave. That Ain't Gonna Happen so get used to it.
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    Hundreds of "Riot Police" Heading to Ottawa SHARE this far and wide???????? Join Us ????SergeantNewsNetwork (
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    “We are not as confident as we have been that police alone will resolve this situation,” Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly said. “When you say other than police, do you mean politics, do you mean military[?]” a city councilor asked him to clarify. “…
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    The latest reports coming out of Ottawa. Bused is Storm Troopers ready to Strike. Email:
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    Chris Sky calls attention to the suspicious service outages in Ottawa.
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    Canadians are trying to resist the Communist oppression being forced upon them but need help from everyone all around the world. CANADIANS ARE URGED TO COME TO OTTAWA NOW. New Funding is being established if it is not blocked. GIVESENDGO is the new fundraising page if it becomes available. DO NOT COMPLY TO THIS TRUDEAU TYRANNY...
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    It was the last straw which broke the camels back, Trudeau Tyrannically medical mechanism have nothing to do with Health but to bring about a Global Reset Agenda Of His OECD masters for whom Ottawa is the greatest threat and with both parties now digging in, Ottawa declares state of emergency while Trudeau has been no where to be s...
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    From Wil: The World's Greatest Shit Show is about to take place in Canada's capital city, OTTAWA. On our way back from the HILL, we noticed the police were setting up roadblocks as the convoy began arriving. UPDATE: CONVOY has broken through the Barricades and is free to flow into OTTAWA. The WORLD is depending on CANADA to take do...
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    Top Canadaian VIRAL Emunologist Dr. Byram Bridle Speech LIVE IN Ottawa Feb. 12, 2022 #FreedomConvoy2022 - #TrudeauForTreason
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    Listen CAREFULLY as to how the police intend to target protestors. Justin has lost authority to rule. He is digging in. Protesters are never going to leave till their demands are met. 
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    Things are heating up in Ottawa.