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    An anonymous source within the US intelligence community has leaked knowledge of an apparent plan by the Russians to launch a false flag attack that is to be blamed on Ukraine as a pretext to justify an invasion of Ukraine as over 100,000 Russian troops gather along the border. Meanwhile a cyber attack has been launch on Ukraine wi...
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    Video released by the US military shows crates full of ammunition, weapons being loaded onto a transport plane at Travis Air Force Base, California, heading for Ukraine The shipment is part of the additional $200 million of “lethal aid” approved by US President Biden in late December for Ukraine's “front-line defe...
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    I was asked to analyse differences in adverse reactions for each state in the USA. So I looked at deaths following vaccination. 
    I looked at all COVID 19 vaccines together, and filtered the results so I had only the adverse reactions resulting in death.
    Then I used a pivot table to count the number of deaths for each state.
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    Every adult sports person on this Earth is a parasite and have always been part of the Communist propaganda machines of government. They are the lowest organism on the food chain.... Adult Sports are a cancer of the mind.
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    Fox News contributor Kiron Skinner weighs in on President Biden's trip to Europe ahead of NATO summit on 'Fox Report Weekend.'
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    National Emergency Act request in the steps of Tyrants in the North, while Europe is removing covid restrictions, North America is headed the other way and war with Russia is very much needed to expand even further powers, Oh by the way, the US Govt is out of funding and emergency request is been made with the Federal Reserve. Stay...
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    Jesse Watters and UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal react to Pelosi's warning to U.S. Olympic athletes against angering the Chinese government on 'Jesse Watters Primetime.'