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    Defeat The Mandates Rally DC Jan. 23: Donate And Support My Work: EarthNewspaper Daily Newsletter: 35 Articles And Videos Published Daily: http…
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    Hospitals are murder factories. They will kill you. Attorney Thomas Renz rushing to the airport to catch a flight out to the hospital to stop a murder in progress. The Stew Peters Show. Call: Mercy Hospital Heart and Vascular Center 763-236-8800 Care (Murder) Coordinator is Heather her direct line: 763-236-8321 Call them. I did and...
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    Israel appears to be in serious trouble. Oddly, there’s evidently open discussion on TV.
    The professor is asked if he has a clear position on boosters.
    He replies it’s not anywhere found in Pfizer’s clinical dossiers. That there’s no good scientific rationale for a 3rd dose or for mass vaccination of the p...
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    Quote: "So we’ve seen this pattern play out, over and over and over again. Patients head to the hospital with a Covid case, their condition rapidly declines, they’re put on a ventilator, and they die. Why does this keep happening? One possible reason is this drug they keep giving them, Remdesivir. More than a year ago, ...
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    Dr. Paul Marik: “The hospital gets a 20% bonus on the ENTIRE HOSPITAL BILL if they prescribe Remdesivir” 12/18 Nashville COVID Summit Remdesivir: Toxic Drug That Kills People, Dr. Paul Marik
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    This sounds very much like a made up conspiracy theory. However, it is a FACT and it is TRUE and it is happening in almost every hospital around the world. Watch and learn why you are being warned to stay far away from hospitals. Surrounded by patients with terminal illnesses, their families, and fellow Americans who have lost love...
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    Quote: "Rita Kroon heard our segment about Scott and reached out to us recently. She had this to say. “My husband was a patient at Mercy Hospital from November 26 through December 9, 2021. We had both tested positive [for] SARS-Cov-2 and Covid-19 was detected. Burt was not vaccinated and received negligent care at best. He lo...
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    In his latest video, Scott discloses more details about Cirsten W’s death. He also drops some very vital Intel and more info that is necessary to know. The clock is ticking, tick toc, and time is speeding up. Major events are on the horizon and we all need to be ready!
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    Analyst and Researcher, Bobby Bounds joins the Sarah Westall program to share the in depth analysis and research he has completed on the actual death records and hospital payouts for COVID. The evidence is very damning; it shows a massive payout and fraud scheme perpetrated by our Government in collusion with major institutions. Th...

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    Mirror. Source Receipts: Hospitals Paid to Kill- Providers Incentivized By Feds to Murder Covid Patients Quote: "Dr. Lee Vliet joins Stew…
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    Go to a hospital at your own risk --- You might not get out ALIVE. Immunization Agenda 2030: A Global Strategy to Leave No One Behind

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    Defeat The Mandates Rally DC Jan. 23: Donate And Support My Work: EarthNewspaper Daily Newsletter: 35 Articles And Videos Published Daily: http…
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    COVID Cases Inflated for Profit:
    ‘The Guy Went in for Multiple Gunshot Wounds and he was Coded as COVID’
    • Jeanne Stagg, a whistleblower who worked in Inpatient Utilization Management, approached Project Veritas after seeing cases coded as COVID-19 that she says should not have COVID-19 listed as the “prima...
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    Resources: ???? NEW clips channel: ???? AMAC: ???? Hospital Rates: ???? Prime Age Deaths: ???? Religious Freedom: h...