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    The Truth has been out there for a long time but who is really listening. This murderer, Dr. Anthony Fauci has been exposed for a long time and is responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, all to line his pockets with dirty money. Who will be the hero to take him down while he hides behind his well pai...
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    The case statistics the propaganda media gave us was based on false information put out by the FDA and CDC based on a PCR test that was fed fictitious information. There is now documented proof the PCR test had no quantified virus isolates of the 2…

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    Covid-19 has never been isolated and the RT-PCR test is simply creating false positives - DR THOMAS COWAN. Watch the video to understand historical precedence on isolation of viruses and how cures have always been. In the current pandemic, the entire Mainstream Medical CONCEPT of CONTAGIOUS VIRUSES AND COVID19 is simply f...
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    The PCR test is not really a test, its a false positive to run the vaccine scandal. The vaccine scandal was Trumps operation Warp Speed, those funds were given to FDA to administer and give to Pharma Companies which in return turn around became partners with BigPharma, the corruption of the regulatory body and their directors are a...
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    COVID-19: GARY NULL DECONSTRUCTING MYTH OF AIDS - (BOTH Viruses are exact look alike’s)-GALLO & FAUCI LYING about AIDS on camera back in the 90’s. AIDS never isolated as a Retrovirus which is require for…
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    ENGLISH Film producer Rai Gbrym reached out to me last week about a new documentary he …

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    Join Dr. Jane Ruby as she answers questions from her Telegram users on things such as the PCR tests and vaccine information. 
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    How many times do we get shown pictures that are said to depict "viruses"?
    While this seems to trick the majority of people, I know you guys will be suspicious and will want a deeper dive into these claims.
    Let's crack open the black box of Electron Microscopy and see what these UVO's really are!
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    Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours. All Video The Last American Vagabond
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    He finally admits the truth about PCR test they don't work.
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    Doctors Speak out: The inventor of the PCR test has said this test is not to be used for determining a person wellness. The entire Plandemic was built on PCR testing, people who are not sick were made to believe they are sick. 
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    Expose. More tests, more cases, freedoms curtailed, vaccine sales.
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    The mass revolt has begun! The entire narrative is collapsing, mass resignations across the world, Pfizer just withdrew its FDA application to Jab Kids as Kids deaths pile up, the lies of the PCR tests, the scam called pandemic Event 201 exposes, Fauci, Gates, Darpa, Big Pharma and Corrupt WEF Health Ministers. Trying to save face ...
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    This 3rd day of the Grand Jury proceeding was all about the PCR test. How does it work, is it reliable and what about conflicts of interest. In this first summary, you will hear from Dr Astrid Stuckelberger, Professor Kämmerer and Mike Yeadon (ex-Pfizer).

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    Retired Pfizer research nurse Jeremy Bright has made some alarming findings upon reviewing the PCR test under a microscope. [Interesting stuff, but I don't agree with what Jeremy says about' Factcheckers' - many are operating purely according to th…