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    Putin partakes in an extraordinary online meeting of the CSTO Collective Security Council to discuss the situation in Kazakhstan and 'measures to normalise it' #news #trending #currentevents ---------------------------------------------------------…
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    The whiff of corruption continues to linger around the Biden family. Perhaps this will accelerate events. Sleepy Joe is on schedule to be taken out due to dementia OR "die" in office.- Jordan Sather
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    At present, Beijing is surrounded by a circle of so-called hostile forces, including Japan, Taiwan, India, and some countries in the South China Sea. If Kazakhstan in northwestern China turns to Russia, Beijing will find itself in an even more vulnerable situation. Have questions? Do you have something to share with us about China?...
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    Tells you why Biden is desperate for a war and crimes are been exposed almost daily, now new Emails: Hunter Biden Sought MASSIVE $120M Kazakh-Chinese-Ukrainian Oil Deal