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  • 04:18
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    Want to buy food and get there by bus? Tough.
    Medical apartheid ramps up in Ireland as this Senator wants to ban the unvaccinated from public transport and supermarkets.
    Perhaps the most humane thing to do is let the unvaccinated starve to death while walking to forage for food?
    Do not comply with the segregation of society, di...
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    Rebel News reports on business beings forced to close because they do not check the vaccination status of customers.
    Focusing on the owner of "Without Papers Pizza", who stood up against what he would define as discrimination by way of the state telling him to provide a different level of service to the vaccinated v unvaccinated, ...
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    Protesters against the Corona entry pass had clashed with the police on the Coolsingel in Rotterdam on november 19th.
    The police fired targeted shots, which resulted in 7 people injured from police bullets.
    Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb spoke of 'an orgy of violence' in the center of Rotterdam, where hundreds of people had gathered to pr...