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    The New American How is it that all these governments tell the same 8 lies over and over? They Lie for power and control, and if you follow them, you are going to your own destruction. The 8 Big Lies: 1- This is a lethal virus. 2- PCR tests are effective. 3- Masks Work. 4- Lockdowns would slow the spread. 5- Asymptomatic transmissi...
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    The CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky, admits vaccines don't prevent transmission of COVID-19, Justice Sotomayor claims there are 100000 kids hospitalized due to Covid when in fact the number is around 3000. Lies and Misinformation exposed, the vaccines are an attempt in society modification and control and have nothing to do with he...
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    Mike Adams talks about the the new variant originating from South Africa.
    If you buy the new variant fear mongering driven by MSM then we should look at the 6 case emanating from Botswana, the 6 cases were fully vaccinated... so what is actually going on, and why are the variants coming from the vaccinated.. and not the unvaccina...
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    Dr Vernon Coleman explains that, according to figures from the WHO, the covid fraud is now over. He proves that the covid jabs are more dangerous to children than covid. He discusses masks and PCR tests, and explains exactly why A&E departments are overcrowded. He talks about the new symptomless covid, climate change, the media...
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    You will never trust a ‘Celebrity’ again when you watch this.
    This is genocide, and we are being lied to be actors and celebreties that have been put on a pedatsal so they can influence our actions and decisions.
    Look for the eveidence about adverse reaction, there are thousands.. yet they have been censored by the go...
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    Why is the narrative about vaccines propagandize by all main stream media outlets (TV, music, print, electronic adverts) stating it is good for you?
    Then look to satanic inferences that has been liberally peppered into all of this propaganda material.  
    We should not even point out the Mondial World Occult that is the pay ...
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    From Tony Fauci to Boris Johnson, the definition of ‘vaccinated’ is now changing to include a 3rd and maybe even 4th booster.
    As Fauci did not care about lying to Congress, he continues to lie to the public.
    Sadly Fauci’s deceptions and lies influence BoJo the UK PM, who will follow this genocidal maniac, insist...
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    Alex Jones interview General Flynn a top serving US military officer and Pentagon insider.
    His predictions about the COVID Plan-demic now moves to a new level as he sees manipulated data to claim their are increases in covid cases due to new variants, where there will be more lockdowns over the Christmas period
    Going forward he s...
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    In this video Crowder highlights that Anthony Fauci isn’t being honest about vaccinated vs. unvaccinated deaths.
    Crowder also has thoughts on Donald Trump suing the Jan. 6 commission.
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    Stew Peters interviews Dr. David Martin who reveals the government capture by CDC and big Pharma.
    He reveals the patent fraud that started in 2002 and unravels what he says is the global criminal conspiracy of coronavirus.
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    Max Voxx starts with a freedom of information request targeted at the CDC to corroborate their claims that COVID19 exists, then touches upon the corruption that has captured government and all of its institutions.
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    It always leads back to the same thing. Money. This was done in all countries. I wonder if these idiot TV reporters and station managers get the fact that they have been complicit in murder?

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    The Pfizer CEO ADMITS the original COVID shot series is a FAILURE and some of you still can’t admit you were sold a complete lie - when will you finally say enough is enough??
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    Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Rand Paul, the U.S. Senator for Kentucky, about why Dr. Fauci ignores COVID natural immunity, his thoughts on the employer vaccine mandate and inflation.
    Rand explains why he feels that Fauci’s unwillingness to address natural immunity vs vaccine immunity may be the biggest lie that he...