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  • Oct 14 2022

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    Fireworks on the Fourth of July - The Bear is Back for the 4th Turning. Firecrackers on the fourth of July. It's hard to accept the western world is now bankrupt of all credibility! It's lost the fight even before it begun. Put it in! Putin has made that happen. The Entire Ponzi has blown up   Firec...

  • Oct 13 2022

    19 minutes, 23 seconds
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    The world is entering a period of excessive experimentation with current innovative products and services not been innovative but rather cannibalistic in nature with the end of the innovative cycles, global growth will as well suffer. Evidence is excessive monetary stimulus and debt expansion resul...

  • January 21 2022

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    Society remains at important crossroads! Probably this statement is beyond reprehension but here is the situation the world find itself in.