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  • Dec 26 2022

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    Christmas dinner could get awkward for crypto advocates who were adamant about their families investing last year...here's a small recap of what happened in crypto this year. After a lackluster rise of crypto in 2021, which saw many new crypto millionaires and several crypto startups attain unicorn ...

  • Dec 11 2022

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    Ashley Blazer Biden, 41, is a social worker, activist and fashion designer.  Born on June 8, 1981 in Wilmington, Delaware, Ashley is the daughter of Joe Biden and his second wife, Jill Biden.  She is the half-sister of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden's only surviving son from his first marriage. Ashley rece...

  • Dec 08 2022

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    Every week or two, another opinion piece emerges to make the case for Ukraine’s supposed ineligibility for NATO membership. Some critics say NATO membership is a nonstarter because of Ukraine’s proximity to Russia, its fractious domestic affairs and backsliding on reform issues, or concerns about th...

  • Nov 30 2022

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    The World Health Organization is planning to rename the monkeypox virus to "MPOX" in an effort to avoid racist stigma surrounding the old name.  The WHO reportedly made this decision after a group of scientists expressed concerns about potential discrimination connected to the virus's African origin...

  • Oct 31 2022


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    What Is Cognitive Dissonance? cognitive dissonanceVerywell / Hugo Lin The term cognitive dissonance is used to describe the mental discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs, values, or attitudes. People tend to seek consistency in their attitudes and perceptions, so this conflict ...