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  • Dec 16 2022

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    Did you know that in Santa Clara County, the vaccine works 10X better than the rest of the world? I cannot figure out why the NY Times, 60 Minutes, and the CDC aren’t all over this story. Don’t they care about saving lives? If they are, then why am I the guy writing about this, and not them? Dr. Sar...

  • Nov 30 2022

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    A less pleasant wonder of modernity is the way in which the media and political classes can erase from the minds of the public a real person’s genuine qualities and accomplishments and, instead, substitute a purely fictional character, compounded of endless fake narratives. It’s this artificial crea...

  • August 21 2022

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    Fort Worth, Texas
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    Feeling stressed out and overwhelmed? Not to worry—you’re not alone! Millions of people experience stress in their daily lives, whether it’s pressure at work, issues with their kids, or the ever-mounting pile of bills waiting to be paid. While some stress may be unavoidable, there are plenty of ways...