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  • February 10 2022

    by askfind
    2 minutes, 2 seconds
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    Snap The Broken Wire of Main Stream Media. Small Fringe Communities, The Deplorables, Despicables, Anti Vaxxers, Lying Tyrants Mad Scientists and Freedom Convoy's All Participants are Welcome, Have you noticed how you are not allowed to have your own opinions and let alone speak up not allowed to ha...

  • February 8 2022

    by askfind
    3 minutes, 25 seconds
    New York
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    If you have been having difficulty understanding the events occurring across the world then you are not alone. I have been having the same significant challenges dealing with work, life and practically with everything. All I can tell you its been extremely difficult.  For one its very hard to unders...

  • February 5 2022

    4 minutes, 16 seconds
    New York,
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    Can a Conspiracy exists which is so large beyond comprehension? - Glen Scaife. Yes. Such a conspiracy does exists and its occurring right in front of our eyes and you can't do anything about it!. First things first, lets analyze what is conspiracy theory. Fact: The powerful groups led by the Bill an...