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  • Apr 19 2023

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    This isn’t going to be another history of the meltdown of Silicon Valley Bank. Dozens of those have appeared in my inbox over the past month, as I’m sure they have in yours. Thus, rather than merely recount the developments, I’m going to discuss their significance. My sense is that the significance ...

  • Mar 13 2023

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    This article examines the relationship between credit and its anchor in value. Today, that anchor is fiat currency, which is both parochial and unstable. Historically, and in law it has always been gold.   It is a common error to think of credit in a narrow sense, without realising that officially r...

  • Dec 26 2022

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    Christmas dinner could get awkward for crypto advocates who were adamant about their families investing last year...here's a small recap of what happened in crypto this year. After a lackluster rise of crypto in 2021, which saw many new crypto millionaires and several crypto startups attain unicorn ...

  • Dec 19 2022

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    Audits of Binance and other crypto exchanges are “essentially meaningless” since auditors don’t know how to deal with crypto, according to Michael Burry, the legendary investor who inspired the movie ‘The Big Short’. According to Burry, this is the same problem as he was facing himself in 2005 when ...

  • Dec 17 2022

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    Details the folly of financial analyst trying to curve fit the data and by doing so the data becomes assuming and no more predicative and such a folly often leads to massive miscalculations as the data is manipulated to an outcome required whereas data is only as good as its predicative probability....