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My Little Boy’s Cancer Has Relapsed Twice. Please save him!





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Raised of $60,000.00 Goal
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My son has been fighting for his life since he was a 5-year-old. Now years later, he is still fighting. However, the cancer seems to take more and more control of his body. I can’t help but think, will God spare my child this time or will cancer actually take him away from me?

What goes on in a mother’s mind when any time she visits the hospital with her son, she is informed that his cancer has relapsed?


Having faced that situation thrice, I pray to God none of the parents ever have the ill fortune to witness their own child suffering from cancer from time and again.

My family's happiness lies in Abir. Him being the youngest member of my family of four, all of us are accustomed to his joyous and playful. When he became extremely sick the first time, he was scared and sad. Yet he tried to cheer all of us up as much as he could.


In April 2014, I was given the worst news any mother could receive. It was the first time Abir was diagnosed with Leukemia. Abir was in and out of hospital stays for three long years.

He spent much of his early childhood getting poked by needles, giving blood, sleeping in hospital beds and receiving harsh chemotherapy. He not only lost all his hair, his body weight also decreased drastically.

Finally, in June 2017, I finally received news my heart was aching to hear. After 3 years of painful treatments, Abir had finally beat cancer. He could finally live his life like a normal child.

However, fate had other plans.