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    Dear Trader
    Greetings ! Here's the news about your last trading venture!!

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    Welcome to dynamictrader.com! We hope you can take advantage of the trend trading dynamics lessons and other quotes, charts, and general forex & futures information available here.

    Trading the financial markets is a ch...
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    A massive deflationary bust is coming as the Fed is about to drive the M2 Money Supply (YoY) negative with its aggressive Quantitative Tightening program. While Burry points out that rising money velocity can offset the decline in money supply like the 1970s, it appears that Burry could be completely wrong. At the current rate of t...
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      dtrader The Trading Edge

      *Online Trading
      ONLINE TRADING, Most online trading execution systems blend well with DynamicTrader live trade signals and intraday commentaries fed right into your online trading program. For full system intergration contact our offices today.

      *Systems Research
      With on going systems research and range of different systems our number one system remains the trend trading dynamics system and as studies indicate that markets range or are sideways about 70% of the time, which means that during these times, pitfalls and drawdowns are common with other Trend Trading systems, we have been able to identify and correct those problems with our Trading dynamics concept which are volatilty based parameters and anti-trend alerts.

      *Trade Signals
      There are hardly a few who trade with a system, often its a case of looking for a holy grail and once failed they look elsewhere, the trade signals may come close to fulfilling that search, with historical performances outlined within the members area, clients are able to know, how this system has performed so far, not only historically but in real time, no curve fitted system here, but real trends, volatility and and anti-trends trades are recorded in real time, giving clients sufficient time to choose and trade from our recommendation's of various markets. Qualified Systems Signals only.

      *Market Talks
      This is where we advise clients on contrarian approaches when the world's fund managers are on the wrong side or the market gives us extreme values. We apply our contarian approaches and advise where's the foolish money at and how the world best traders are doing the worst possible trades. A major psychological booster and information at its best or when we know of a major options trade, swap movement or simply because the next guy is bullish. We have to be on the opposite side then and so far our reports prove our system work... Some examples A US Stock market guru after been bearish for many years turns to buy technology stocks in Dec 99 and advises the Nasdaq higher. The market just then peaked at his call and plunged 75% lower.

      *Trader Data
      This is where you could track our systems trades in real time and see where we stand on the basis of profitably and use similar risk management trading systems for your own trading portfolio.

      If you are not a client yet then apply today, existing clients proceed here to access.

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      askfind https://blog.1dm.com/curve-fitting-the-data-the-greatest-folly-and-the-search-for-the-holy-grail
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      Real Reporters https://blog.1dm.com/deflate-or-inflate-the-path-forward-daniel-mankani
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    The British pound plummeted on Friday after the government announced huge tax cuts in its mini-budget. It then plunged again on Monday, reaching $1.04 - the lowest level the pound has ever been against the dollar. Why is the British Pound Falling?

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    Chinese social media has lit up with rumors of a coup weeks before a big Party congress where Xi Jinping is expected to secure an almost unprecedented third term. In this episode of China Uncensored, we explain what the rumors are, why they're likely not true, and what big news they're likely covering up.

    YouTube demonetizes our...
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    New info about the pipeline incident and USA has warned its citizens to get out now. The Canadian government has also warned hockey players to leave Russia immediately. Was the pipeline incident a cyber related incident? It has happened before. GAS PRICES ARE RISING AGAIN!

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    #tinyhouse #thailand #tinyhome

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    See our kitchen build here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kXQJ...
    FOX News reports, In the American media, Meloni is being compared with Italy's fascist dictator of WW2. Her coalition's anti-establishment views, criticism of the European Union, and socially conservative views were also criticized in the press. Across Europe, conservative parties have been successful and gained ground in recent ye...
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  • Mirrored From: https://www.bitchute.com/video/cc00GzZDMi3x/ Situation Update, Sep 24, 2022 - Rumors of massive troop movements + Russia's doomsday nuclear weapons 0:00 Intro 1:15 China 10:10 Russia 40:45 Michael Yon - Rumors rising of a military …
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    In today's video, Patrick Bet-David reacts to the protests & uprising in Iran.

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    History of US-Iran Conflict Explained: https://youtu.be/d_htudbaqsk

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    Everything just changed. In the next 24 hours tensions escalate to a whole new level. Get Ready.

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    The US dollar has strengthened so much and so quickly this year that it has become a juggernaut, trampling pretty much every other asset

    What repercussions is this creating? And how much longer is it likely to continu...
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    They say history rhymes.

    That civilizations and societies tend to follow cycles -- boom/bust, feast/famine, war/peace, cultural exper...
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    With all these warnings from hurricanes, the stock market, inflation to the world economy people still don’t want to listen to this. There is still time to prepare. I really think that the Fed just wants to finish us off. #EconomicWarning #Hurricane #GoldStandard #IAllegedly #SteveForbes #GoldmanSachs #Gold #Silver #hurricanewarnin...
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    Read my article today on Heaver News: https://heaver.substack.com/p/liz-truss-delivers-popular-triple

    "Von der Leyen’s warning message to Italy irks election candidates. ‘What is this, a threat?’, Italy’s Salvini asked von der Leyen" Politico: https://www.politico.eu/article/italy-election-candidate-warning-ursula-von-der-leyen...
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    In this episode of the Essential Geopolitics podcast from RANE, we're taking a look at Bangladesh. The country was long considered a development success story in South Asia. But recent global events -- from the pandemic to the War in Ukraine (and subsequent grain export ban in India) have taken their toll. RANE's South Asia analyst...
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    Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell says there's a "real need" for better regulation of cryptocurrencies during a panel discussion on digital finance hosted by the Banque de France.