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  • by askfind
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    Martin Armstrong is a world renowned Economist, and regular guest at Zeee Media. - Russia, Ukraine, Sanctions, Food Shortages, WWIII, Great Reset, Economic Collapse.
    Today we discussed the Russia/Ukraine situation, sanctions being imposed on Russia, how this is effectively a declaration of war and what the implications of these ac...
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    My last video that got BANNED everywhere literally just exposed this fact.. I never heard no one saying corpses are being used.. but that's just me .. makes me wonder if I'm some how responsible for this morbid idea.. I should probably stop theorizing... what do u all think? Comment below
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    Although I wouldn't fully trust this man, I'm fully willing to hear him out and consider what he's talking about especially when comparing it to historical events. We must consider others perspectives. Use your logic and intuition..…
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    The Jewish banking cartels have not gotten their mandatory poisoning of the world's populations as quickly as they planned. But this is not something to celebrate. No, they are racing towards their next move -climate lockdowns and controls. And as long as they control the money, they will be back to poison us again in a few months....
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    Video released by the US military shows crates full of ammunition, weapons being loaded onto a transport plane at Travis Air Force Base, California, heading for Ukraine The shipment is part of the additional $200 million of “lethal aid” approved by US President Biden in late December for Ukraine's “front-line defe...
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    War Begins, Ukraine Deployed eight MLRS 'Hurricane' and 'Smerch' to border!. The ukrainian military sent additional heavy rocket artillery to the donbass. At the moment the information and news agency Avia pro has information that we are talking about two euro again MLRS and six merch MLRS. This fact confirms that kiev is preparing...
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    The Events of the Current Times are all Connected. What does the planed pandemic, Vaccines Deaths by Injections, The World Economic Forum, Bill Gates, The Corruption in Government, Clinton Foundation, Obama, the sons of Biden, Pelosi, Romney, Kerry and many others all have in common.
    The Greater Plan of New World Order, AKA The Gr...
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    Ukrainians in Kyiv hold a rally to thank other countries for offering support amid ongoing threats of a Russian invasion. One America's Angela Kurysh has more on how Ukraine is handling the crisis.
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     There's a storm coming because as the truth comes to light (and it is) the perpetrators in the Build Back Better cult behind the Covid-Crime Against Humanity and the Nazi World Order will have nowhere to hide. Evidence is surfacing that proves that the government's of Canada, the United States, and Britain are guilty of horre...
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    Who are the hidden hands behind the destructive events occurring worldwide? Get some background information. 
  • by askfind
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    Only two times these moments have arrived and each time we have high debts and stagnation we get world wars coinciding with these we also have a situation there is concerted efforts where each country is undertaking steps in a lockstep fashion. The World war with Russia will escalate from hereon forward, first this is due to h...
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    As little Johnny collapses while running laps in the school gym, another school is telling their students that they cannot take part in full on sports if they are fully vaccinated and until they have had their heart fully checked. In the mean time the global masters know that the Covid Scam is about to catch up to them so they have...
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    In the early morning yesterday, Ukraine forces opened for n many locations along the frontline in LPR and DPR damaging many civilian targets. The LPR and DPR has reported they have attacked in response and now fighting is going on along the whole frontline.
    My report shows the horrible things that the Ukraine government did to som...
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    Joe Biden is now "lying" about being on the brink of war over Ukraine in a pitch to the American people as his approval ratings are "down in the gutter", according to Political analyst Professor Joe Siracusa. "His numbers are down in the gutter – you know, 39 per cent of the American people believe in him anymore," Prof Sirac...
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    History shows us that as we transition into a new financial and a new currency system, war is something that happens every single time. Is this time any different? Coming up?
    I’m Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst. Thank goodness here at ITM trading, cause we are a full service, physical gold and silver dealer. But what is r...
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    Congresswoman Ms. Tulsi Gabbard with gravely sobering words, Ukraine is the new Afghanistan, and the entire Europe will be systematically destabilized, Blackwater militias now number more than twenty thousand and are waging war against the Russians while at the same time committing atrocities against the Ukrainian People and blamin...
  • by askfind
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    2019 interview of Zelensky presidential advisor Oleksiy Arestovych.
    Talk about predictive programming!