Now that. I am not paying attention! It’s gonna do something which will make me pissed, a feeling of something amiss!

Something just ain’t right! The markets will give way 120 pts in a day, or 3 days and this will be the first sign.

The first sign is when the stimulus fails to perform in higher notional values in the bubble of stawks or phoney money then it’s time to bring those tomatoes plants back indoors!

I also told you, that!

One of these days, it’s gonna go below the blue line and then the white line! Then if you already in that blue line becomes your “green to go” signal! And if you are short these phoney markets, I tell ya, you are smirking 😏.

The market is overbought, the greatest fat money is already showing up in the bubble fat on daily charts.

Weekly is knocking against the wall. Never stroke a sleeping bear! Lest he growls!

It may just become life’s greatest regrets!

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