Jharkhand becomes the fifth state to slip out of the BJP's grip in the past one year

Dear Hindus,

One after another Indian states are slipping out of BJP's grasp.


What do you want, dear Hindus?

BJP recovered Kashmir from Islamic rule of 70 years.

Are you not happy?

BJP and Modi stopped rampant corruption.

Are you not happy?

Modi restored our 700 year old dream of getting the Ram janambhoomi back from Muslims.

Are you not happy?

BJP is arming our defence forces with latest and lethal weaponry.

Are you not happy?

BJP is kicking out illegal Muslims out of India via NRC-CAA.

Are you not happy?

BJP is adding value and respect to you and your passport.

Are you not happy?

BJP has stopped all types of terrorism, bomb blasts, attacks on temples.

Are you not happy?

Modi is purchasing, and also manufacturing, next generation fighter planes, missiles, submarines, cannons, tanks in Bharat.

Are you not happy?

Modi is building an India which can challenge China and any country in the world.

Are you not happy?

Modi wants to make India a superpower in solar energy, wind energy, clean & renewable energy.

Are you not with him?

Modi, is giving dignity to the poor by providing toilets for every Indian, opportunity for every youth, affordable and mostly free education and medical facility for millions of poor Indians.

Are you not happy?

Modi is trying to save you from certain/ assured/imminent attack by an united Islamic and jihadi forces.

You have seen their arrogance and intentions recently on streets throughout India. The mobs were almost 100% Muslims, and they were openly challenging the laws enacted legally by Parliament. If at just 20% of India's population they can do this, imagine what will they do after 10 years!

These mobs couldn't enter your bedrooms because Modi was guarding your homes.

Else you know what would have happened.

Wake up, Hindus. Wake up. Muslims have 58 countries to take shelter. If forced out of India where will you go as a Hindu? Think about it. Think of your children. Think of what happened to Hindus of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir

Kerala and West Bengal.

Time is running out: either stand/support/contribute/work/assist/help/fight along side Modi


start learning namaaz, and - painful to say this - start stitching burkha for the female members of your family.

Don't ever say that you weren't warned. This is your final chance to save your children and grandchildren from Islamic barbarism. You fail, and you will be wiped out from planet earth. Choice is yours.

Did Shivaji, Rana Pratap, Prithviraj Chauhan, all ten Sikh Gurus, Guru Gobind Singhji, Veer Savarkar, Subhas Bose and Bhagat Singh waste their entire life fighting for cowards like you?

Try and find an answer before it is too late. You do not have years/ months to decide. Islam is already at your doorstep knocking.

Can you hear the frightening knocks?

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