Coronavirus: Latest: 14514 Confirmed, 304 Deaths, 342 Recovered.  Infected Worldwide.
Latest: 14514 Confirmed, 304 Deaths, 342 Recovered. Infected Worldwide.
Live: business disruption, supply chain issues, tight supplies situation, very inflationary. Stawks plunged on Friday with the S&P Closing down 2%, In Asia cities are empty, reports suggest shanghai is clean as a whistle on the streets.

Latest 5578 Confirmed, 131 Deaths, 107 Recovered.

Latest 5578 Confirmed, 131 Deaths, 107 Recovered.

Governments in panic mode on "what's everyone thinking?", What if they plan a protest an overthrow in Social Media, Fake news arrests occurring on those sharing vital information.

Streets of Asia empty, everyone shit scared! The timing of all this is suspect. Stories abound of Coronavirus been a bio-weapon. 

When the reports started coming in as 5578 Confirmed, 131 Deaths, and 107 Recovered. Infections spreading worldwide, the real panic made Asian cities empty, which were already undergoing Chinese new year holidays, where most people travel back to the villages to celebrate new year festivities with family members. 

The emptied streets are prevalent during this time of the year and coronavirus information spread exuberated this emptiness, which in turn drove face masks sales across the roof with some selling more than 5 times its normal price and they sold out. Supermarkets also reported empty in certain parts of china, which clearly demonstrated the fears the public has over the new virus. 

 All this goes to show indeed fear is a much prevalent force now in China and self survival and suspicion of others shows the distrust within communities. Such pragmatic society needs to understand; There is no point living if life is made off worrying about living!

With 40 million people under lockdown and suspicion everywhere! the governments across the world are in some sort of panic as voices of people are been heard in Social Media which are driving matters even worst, in various cases racial discrimination against the Chinese has increased across the board and various forms of biases are been exposed. 

The Governments in turn remain in reactionary mode driven by the loud voices by the people with some moving forward positively but some of them clamping down on social interactions with other people in the name of fake news, with China communist behaviour replicated by Malaysia, Singapore Thailand and Indonesia who are increasingly arresting people communicating or forwarding reports on the virus matters. 

The government stand currently remains STOP FAKE NEWS! No it isn’t truth!  

The timing of all this is suspect.  Business disruption, supply chain issues, tight supplies situation, very inflationary.  Wuhan is an important business centre. What are the potential economic collapse affects? 

When it began Jokes went viral on corona virus

When it began Jokes went viral on corona virus

Then it started to get serious!

China lockdowns millions, speculation arose whether the virus came from a bush meat market, a narrative China is very much pleased to push forward. 

China Bush Meat Restaurant Menu

China Bush Meat Restaurant Menu

Reports Started coming in from;

Malaysia: looking to ban fake news as coronavirus stories were creating fear, overreaction occurs where a chinese infected toddler and his parents attempted to abscond from the hospital in Southern Malaysia in Johor, so much so that they were detained at the Senai International Airport. Approximately Four hundred thousands have signed a petition to ban China Nationals from Infected Zones to travel to Malaysia and Malaysia having stopped consular services for this affected group. 

1MBD top actor previous prime minister butts in Najib Razak

CoronaVirus deployed for political means in Malaysia

Wisma Putra on Twitter

Politicians are actors who are reacting to their audience.

Wuhan in China is a big Industrial Hub

Also an international hub, lots of companies have staff there and lots of international students as well, many more international travelers as well, all stuck there. 

Wuhan today is considered the political, economic, financial, commercial, cultural and educational center of Central China. It is a major transportation hub, with dozens of railways, roads and expressways passing through the city and connecting to other major cities.

Source: Wikipedia: https://

The Potential Global Economic Impact Of The Wuhan Coronavirus

American financial markets are not immune to a new respiratory virus that has spread quickly from China. Stocks fell sharply today on fears the coronavirus could take a larger economic toll than initially expected. The virus has sickened thousands of people and killed more than a hundred. As NPR's Scott Horsley reports, there are signs that financial fallout, like the virus itself, might not be easily contained.

SCOTT HORSLEY, BYLINE: The sell-off came as China's government moved aggressively to limit travel in and out of the region where the outbreak began. Tens of millions of Chinese citizens are now blocked from traveling around the country at the height of the Lunar New Year, typically a busy travel season. What's more, the government extended the holiday's usual weeklong factory shutdown by an extra three days.

FREYA BEAMISH: Probably, investors are kind of waking up to that story.

HORSLEY: Freya Beamish is chief Asia economist for Pantheon Macroeconomics. She worries the quarantine comes too late to stop the spread of the virus since numerous infected people were already on the road. But she says the travel restrictions will put a serious damper on holiday shopping and excursions.

BEAMISH: It seems like the worst of both worlds for the macroeconomy.

HORSLEY: Investors in Japan thought so. The Nikkei stock market suffered its worst drop in five months today. European markets also slumped. Here in the U.S., the Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled more than 450 points. That's a contrast with much of last week, when U.S. investors were largely unfazed by the outbreak. When I spoke with chief investment officer David Kotok of Cumberland Advisors a few days ago, he warned investors were underestimating the potential fallout.

DAVID KOTOK: The markets who are saying, in my opinion, this is nothing more than a cold and sniffle - business as usual - are not evaluating the risk well enough.

HORSLEY: Part of the challenge for forecasters is so much about this virus is still unknown. Many are looking for a model in the SARS outbreak of 2002 and 2003, which killed more than 700 people. At first glance, this virus appears to be less severe, but Jay Bryson, acting chief economist at Wells Fargo Securities, says China is a much bigger player on the world stage now, so any fallout will be amplified.

JAY BRYSON: What happened is the size of the Chinese economy has more than doubled over that period of time, and so if it were to slow down significantly because of this, you know, that could have some spillover effects to some of its trading partners.

HORSLEY: In 2003, China was still a newcomer to the global trading system. Todd Lee of IHS Markit says today it's much more integrated with the world's economy.

TODD LEE: Obviously, it depends on, you know, whether or not the government can effectively contain the outbreak, but in terms of the supply chain disruption, it will be much bigger than before.

HORSLEY: Lee says China's economy is also more fragile today. The coronavirus emerged after a period of slowing growth and a tense trade war with the United States. China's consumers play a bigger role in the country's economy now than they did back in 2003, and so far, that's where most of the costs of this outbreak have appeared. Airlines and resort companies have seen their stocks fall in anticipation of reduced demand from China. The outbreak could also make it harder for China to make good on the big purchases of U.S. goods that were promised in the newly announced Phase 1 trade deal.

Every economic storm brings a silver lining of opportunity, though. Some of today's big winners on Wall Street include a company that's working on a vaccine for the coronavirus as well as a firm that makes protective masks. Scott Horsley, NPR News, Washington.



The timing of all this is suspect. The extreme quietness is a worry.

The timing of all this is suspect. The extreme quietness is a worry.

Its Chinese New Year where millions are expected to travel to spend time with friends and family.

Its Chinese New Year where millions are expected to travel to spend time with friends and family.

The CoronaVirus couldn't have chosen a better time than this to unleash and hence the timing of its release and escape from the wild or from a Lab is suspect with some reports suggesting that the CoronaVirus was stolen from a Lab in Canada and was been played with and manipulated to create a strong form of a bio-weapon for the benefit of China. There are some reports on this surfacing. 


A Bio-Weapon stolen from Canada

The panic of 2020: Coronavirus overtakes all worries

Coronavirus: Just another opportunity for big pharma scandalous sales.

Scientist Challenges Chinese Coronavirus Data

Insider Wuhan: Daily life in China's coronavirus quarantine zone

Eastern Ct News on Twitter

Elsewhere; India; Politicians assuring agenda, in support of Governments move on Citizenships Act.

Everywhere all matters on standstill, Coronavirus reigns supreme. Philippines is deporting 500 plus Chinese Nations in fear of the virus and Sabah has banned Chinese construction labour. Very inflationary, China Wuhan is a major supplier to the world, expect service disruptions and higher prices on tight stock supplies. 

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List of reports: Coronavirus

Raj Thackeray's Speech in Support of CAA-NRC


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