The panic of 2020: Coronavirus overtakes all worries
Interestingly enough, global news channels are tuned to report the latest keyword, like clockwork they report events and based on the global attention spans which in turn demands further informational requests putting more focus and pressure on government authorities.

The Coronavirus story has now indeed broken all records for 2020 as the most watched keyword subject worldwide.

This in itself is very concerning.

The world as it remains in a state of flux, Over the last decade we have transcended from one state of shock to another due to bad governance, corruption and incompetence with various propaganda lies from governments and with the Coronavirus story currently trending, governments across the world are in a state of shock and in some places social media chat apps are been banned.  

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In Malaysia:

PETALING JAYA: The Health Ministry has debunked a viral message that claimed a prisoner had died from the coronavirus after eating a mandarin orange.

“There has been a fake message that has been spreading on WhatsApp – we urge everyone to not spread or believe such news, ” it said in a statement posted on its official Facebook page.

The Ministry also urged members of the public to follow the latest news shared during a press conference earlier Saturday (Jan 25).

In Australia:

Australians in China's coronavirus region may not be able to be evacuated, the guardian reports;  Strict travel restrictions mean an unknown number of Australians may be stranded in the coronavirus hotspot

The Australian government does not know how many of its citizens are caught in the vast quarantine lock-down imposed across China, as it and governments around the world scramble to try to evacuate their nationals.

But it appears increasingly unlikely foreign countries will be allowed to simply extricate their citizens in the face of militarily enforced lockdowns. Indonesia has said it “seems to be impossible”, while Australia has said it “needs to abide by the travel restrictions … placed there for precisely the purpose of containing the coronavirus”.

In Philippines:

DOH chief tells public to curb false info about new coronavirus reports ABS-CBN News

Filipinos should not spread false and unverified information about, and not panic over the novel coronavirus plaguing China and other countries, especially since there is no confirmed case in the country yet, Health Secretary Francisco Duque said Monday.

"The viral spread of false news can cause a lot more societal injury," Duque said in a press briefing in Malacanang.

In recent days, social media posts and forwarded messages suggested that supposedly confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus are being kept under wraps in some hospitals in the country.


In India

Coronavirus Outbreak LIVE: Mumbai Man in Isolation, 2 Other Indians in Quarantine; Global Spread Sparks Panic Coronavirus Outbreak LIVE Updates: A suspected case of coronavirus, which has sparked worldwide concerns with 80 deaths and nearly 2,000 confirmed cases, has been reported in Rajasthan, following which the patient has been kept in isolation. The state’s health minister Raghu Sharma said a doctor who returned to India after completing the MBBS course in China was kept in isolation at the SMS Hospital on suspicion of being affected by coronavirus.


In Hong Kong

Hong Kong declared a state of emergency on Saturday in response to growing concern over the spread of a coronavirus that first surfaced in the Chinese city of Wuhan, announcing it will close schools for three weeks and impose a limited transportation ban.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam held an urgent meeting with health officials Saturday morning to discuss the mysterious virus, which has — in limited numbers — begun to affect people across the globe.


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In Vietnam

Vietnam’s Danang: 12 people in quarantine amid fears of deadly coronavirus by Vietnam Insider

Among them are seven Chinese, three Vietnamese and one from the Czech Republic. Da Nang Hospital in central Vietnam is putting 12 people with high fever in quarantine for coronavirus infection tests.

“None of the Chinese are from Wuhan,” Dr. Nguyen Thanh Trung, Vice Director of Da Nang Hospital, said Sunday. A pneumonia outbreak, caused by a new strain of the coronavirus family that caused SARS and MERS, surfaced in Wuhan last December and has killed 56 people in China.


In Thailand

• In Thailand there have been eight confirmed coronavirus cases. Five of these have already returned to China. Thailand’s Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul announced Sunday that 84 Chinese tourists remain under observation – 24 were detected with a fever at airport screening and 60 who visited hospital themselves after developing symptoms. 45 of this group have now been discharged and returned to China. 39 are still under observation.

• Thailand’s Tourism and Sports Minister Pipat Ratchakitprakarn says that the shutdown of Chinese cities and the ban on all outbound tour groups by the Chinese government will cost Thailand around 50 billion baht in lost tourism revenue.

• A Thai student studying at Wuhan University posted a desperate plea for help from the Thai government on Facebook. Pasnicha Krutdamrongchai, says she and her friends did not have the opportunity to stock up on food and water due to the short-notice given prior to the lockdown. Pasnicha painted a grim picture of supermarket shelves stripped-bare in her post.

Coronavirus UPDATE: 2,700+ infected, 80 dead, 8 cases in Thailand reports

• The Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak has now spread to several continents and killed at least 80, whilst 2,700+ are reported to be infected, according to Reuters.

In the United Kingdom.

In Pakistan:

Pakistan on alert as suspected coronavirus cases reaches five

Pakistan exercises caution as a new suspected case of the novel coronavirus has surfaced in Multan, taking the overall tally of fatal virus in Pakistan to five, The Express Tribune said in a report.

According to sources in the Health Ministry, two samples from Multan have been sent to Hong Kong for confirmation as there are no laboratories in Pakistan equipped to diagnose the pathogen, the report said on Sunday.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) received the samples on Sunday night, they added.

One of the two suspected coronavirus patients in Multan is a Pakistani national, said the sources.

On Saturday, NIH chief Major General Aamer Ikram said a Chinese national had been admitted to the Nishtar Hospital, Multan and kept in the isolation ward after he showed symptoms of the disease including flu, cough and fever.

Test reports were expected to arrive in the next 24 to 48 hours. The patients will receive necessary treatment based on the results of test reports.

According to sources, the Chinese national, hospitalised in Multan, travelled from China to Dubai and reached Karachi on January 21. After landing in Karachi, he took a flight to Multan.

Three Chinese nationals were also admitted to Lahore's Services Hospital and shifted to the isolation ward on Saturday, The Express Tribune report said.

According to hospital sources, the suspected patients were residents of the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak, and had recently arrived in Lahore.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Office said on Sunday that over 500 students and other Pakistanis living in Wuhan and other parts of China were "safe", Dawn news reported.

Chinese health authorities announced on Monday that the death toll in the country due to the coronavirus had increased to 80, with 2,744 confirmed cases including 461 persons in critical conditions.

In Cambodia

Coronavirus yet to be diagnosed in Cambodia as schools close


In Indonesia

Cases of suspected coronavirus patients in Indonesia. No Confirmed cases.


In France

Three cases of coronavirus in France were confirmed on Friday - two in Paris and one in Bordeaux - marking the first cases reported in Europe.

French health minister Agnès Buzyn said on Sunday: "I expect that there will be new cases, as elsewhere.

"There are five people who under under observation in isolation. About ten other cases are under surveillance."


Governments across the world are making plans quickly on how to contain it and in panic mode.

There are no known remedies and the matter has now escalated to the level where its affecting the financial markets. This is indeed growing to the level where its beyond serious.

China estimates 44000 infected cases at this stage. 


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