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Created by enderworld 1 0 728 1 Social Welfare

When the elderly are no longer able to do anything for their families, the families desert them. Further, there also suffer from a lot of health issues for which their family is incapable of providing.

$0.00 0 $6,000.00
RAISED Donor Goal

Created by enderworld 0 0 748 0 Technology

Velocity’s revenue-based financing works best for D2C brands with at least Rs 5 Lakhs of monthly revenue.

$0.00 0 $75,000.00
RAISED Donor Goal

Created by enderworld 0 0 758 0 Film, Theater & Video

To pay homage to the dancers around us and all the hard work and efforts they put into the subject.

$0.00 0 $63,000.00
RAISED Donor Goal

Created by enderworld 0 0 726 0 Monetary Fund

The University of North Georgia (UNG) is doubling its crowdfunding campaign efforts. The UNG RISE Crowdfunding Campaign aims to raise $89,000 from Oct. 5-30 for 16 projects supporting student scholarships. The crowdfunding month looks to provide between $1,000 and $15,000 for each project.

$0.00 0 $320,000.00
RAISED Donor Goal

Created by enderworld 0 0 708 0 Photography

Wildlife photography is such a popular subject and has little representation on the small screen. The series is really a travel show at its heart with plenty of wildlife and cameras thrown in along the way.

$0.00 0 $510,000.00
RAISED Donor Goal

Created by enderworld 0 0 694 0 Technology

Patreon allows artists, musicians, writers, and more to get paid by running a membership business for their fans.

$0.00 0 $52,000.00
RAISED Donor Goal

Created by enderworld 0 0 680 0 Social Welfare

PieShell is a rewards-based crowdfunding site that was created specifically with food and beverage companies in mind.

$0.00 0 $64,555.00
RAISED Donor Goal

Created by enderworld 0 0 680 0 Medical

My son has been fighting for his life since he was a 5-year-old. Now years later, he is still fighting. However, the cancer seems to take more and more control of his body. I can’t help but think, will God spare my child this time or will cancer actually take him away from me?

$0.00 0 $60,000.00
RAISED Donor Goal

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