Blue Gold - The Water Wars | Corporate Takeover of Global Water Rights
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Posted by snapbot  . May 29, 2017
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Perhaps only the air we breathe is more important than water, and it's disappearing at an alarming rate. The stage is set for the next major global conflict over natural resources.

This fight will be over Blue Gold, water. It will be more violent because indigenous people will be fighting for survival. As corporations purchase water rights around the world, the clock is ticking towards a breakdown in social order.

In the history of human civilization, water has always been a key resource that has turned empires upside down and destroyed ancient civilizations.

As private, public and capitalist players consolidate their control of water, at a time when supply continues to decline, we see more and more protests, many of which are becoming violent.

Aside from protests and lawsuits, we are seeing local populations revolt as citizens fight for their rights with little to show for their struggles thus far.

Water is the source of life itself, which should be universally common, is instead being exploited for profit. Those with resources can have water, those without resources will go without water.

Increasingly scarce in many parts of the world and a finite resource, fresh water is perhaps the most vital input for everything we hold dear: From food production, energy generation, and manufacturing to human health, social development, and economic modernization

Is this fair? When only 3% of the earth's water is fresh, and most of that is polluted, what can those without access to clean water do to survive a world where "Mad Max" is reality?


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