Sadhguru-If you're in ignorance you must suffer. break your karma
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it is not something that life is doing to you .it is something that you doing to yourself. So, what kind of karma you do to yourself is your choice.
-karma means action-My action-your life is your making -it is your doing-it is not somebody else’s doing.
-Karma is because the way you deal within yourself
-break your karma
-it's something that you're doing within yourself
-it is something ,that is happening within you.
-break the cocoon of karma, and become butterfly-no warm can ever imagine what it means to be a butterfly
-The very fundamentals of karma mean it's my doing. Everything that I am -is my doing.
-karma means- my doing ,my action.
-life as a steppingstone for a larger possibility
if you are seeing this life only as a steppingstone for a larger possibility, than whatever the situation -it is beautiful and very useful .
- success happens to you not because you desire it, because you earn it.
-Failure is an idea, because success is also stupid idea ,don't become a slave to somebody's idea.
-every idea, every thought, every emotion, every value that you have is picked up from somewhere and it rules you from within.
success is that you're not a slave to anybody's idea. this is success. Whatever the situation of life -you're alive means your successful .

-If you're in ignorance you must suffer. this is the way of life, whether you like it or not, thats the way it happens .

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