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Why I swipe left on Trump voters

Marcy Fleisher writes that while political ideology did not dictate who she dated 30 years ago, it does now -- and Trump voters need not reply to her online profile.

At this point in my life, I know what I'm looking for. My future partner is smart, kind, compassionate, successful and engaged in the world around us. He also leans solidly left. My profile postscript makes that clear. "If you voted for Trump, it's a deal breaker. Please move on."

But I have quickly discovered that in the age of Trump, everything has truly turned upside down, even my love life. Whereas my declaration was intended to avoid conflict, it seems to have encouraged it.

The morning after my Match profile went "live," my in-box filled. I was shocked to read message after message from pro-Trumpers, whose names I've changed here to protect their privacy. Mike was complimentary and candid. "But in fairness to you, I did vote for Trump," he wrote.

"Then we likely value very different things," I emailed back. "And, frankly, the gap is just too wide to ever cross that bridge."

Mike's flattery quickly turned

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