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Ohio teacher gets reprimand for remark about lynch mob

The mother of an African-American teenager who was told by his teacher that other students would lynch him if he didn't do better in class said a reprimand of the Ohio educator is not sufficient.

"She should not be in the classroom," Tanisha Agee-Bell said of the white middle school teacher in Mason. The teacher needs to demonstrate she understands the context in which her words were taken, Agee-Bell told CNN on Friday.

Agee-Bell said her son Nathan told her that his eighth-grade social studies teacher last month said he was not pulling his weight in classroom group work.

Mason City Schools spokeswoman Tracey Carson on Friday said the teacher told Nathan: "Your classmates are tired of you costing them points. When you come in tomorrow without your homework completed, your classmates are going to be angry and become a mob who will want to lynch you."

Carson told CNN on Friday that the teacher "was reprimanded and is required to have cultural proficiency training."

"I didn't understand how she could say that to any child, much less my black child in her white classroom," Agee-Bell said, referring to the teacher.

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