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Erdogan launches new tirade against US as relations with Turkey sour

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has launched a new tirade against the US, criticizing its support for Kurdish fighters in Syria and accusing the country of "sheltering a terrorist."

In a scathing address to regional governors in Ankara, Erdogan accused the US of sacrificing its years-old relationship with Turkey.

The speech appeared to dash hopes for a speedy end to the dispute between the two countries, which have been at loggerheads since the arrest of a US consular staff member just over a week ago. Metin Topuz, a Turkish national who works for the US consulate in Istanbul, is the second US mission staff member in Turkey to be detained this year.

"The decision of the US embassy and the statements that followed are neither fair nor truthful," Erdogan said in the capital, Ankara, on Thursday.

He slammed Washington for giving "weapons for free to a terror organization," a reference to the Kurdish YPG, a key US ally in the fight against ISIS in Syria.

He claimed the US had sent 3,500 trucks of weapons in to Syria, including heavy arms, saying they were being used by the YPG "to encircle us

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