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White House chief of staff: Americans should be concerned about North Korea

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly said Thursday that Americans should be concerned about North Korea's ability to reach the United States with an intercontinental ballistic missile, cryptically telling reporters that if the threat grows "beyond where it is today, well, let's hope that diplomacy works."

Significantly, Kelly noted that Pyongyang "is developing a pretty good nuclear re-entry vehicle." For a missile to successfully strike a target it would have to re-enter the earth's atmosphere without breaking up. Kelly's comments seem to indicate that the US believes that North Korea is close to achieving what would be a key breakthrough for their missile program.

North Korea and the Trump administration have exchanged a barrage of verbal volleys for months, ratcheting up the tension on the Korean peninsula and around the world as the rogue regime in Pyongyang openly threatens the United States.
Most recently, North Korea's foreign minister said the President has "lit the wick" of war with his rhetoric, according to a Russian state news agency.

Kelly, a retired four-star Marine general, told reporters Thursday that North Korea is a pariah that cannot be allowed to threaten the United States.

"The American people

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