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Four things to learn from the Las Vegas massacre

James Gagliano writes that while we may never know the motive behind the Vegas mass shooting, we can implement enhanced security measures to protect against future attacks.

Having served as an officer in the US military, I recognized that the casualties inflicted upon a crowd of country music fans was roughly the equivalent of a US military battalion.

To put this into perspective: In the bloodiest campaign in the Iraq War, the Battle of Falluja, which spanned November 7 to December 24, 2004, there were 82 combat deaths and some 600 wounded.
One gunman in Las Vegas, armed with an arsenal of 23 guns -- several of which were semi-automatic, high-powered rifles -- was able to nearly replicate the US losses in Falluja. And he did so having acquired 33 of his 47 legally owned weapons in the last year alone.

The shooter also spent nearly a week at the Mandalay Bay. He used this time to scope out the venue he'd selected for the slaughter, while calculating trajectories and distance on pieces of paper recovered from his hotel suite.

The police and MGM Resorts -- which owns the Mandalay Bay

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