EPA's unfilled positions make Trump's agenda difficult

Almost 100 days into the Trump administration, the ultra-conservative wing of the President's party is "fearful" they are running out of time and the President's aggressive environmental agenda won't get done.

That fear stems from the fact that the majority of political positions remain unfilled at the Environmental Protection Agency, with little sign that the situation is about to change. And that's the case at many agencies government-wide.

"I don't think they're fully aware this is a disaster," said one Republican, who remains close to the administration.

There have not been any presidential nominations at EPA beyond the agency's administrator, Scott Pruitt. When asked about the number of political appointees who are on staff who don't need Senate confirmation and the number of overall political positions that remain open, EPA spokesman J.P Freire told CNN: "As a policy we don't comment on personnel issues."

Without political appointees, tackling the complex environmental issues the President wants to change will be daunting, the Republican source said.

"You need people in place who understand the issues so that

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