The new 'Fin' that propels amputees in the water

A first-of-its-kind underwater prosthetic leg is going on the market this summer.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, 2.6% of veterans return home from war missing a limb. The Amputee Coalition of America estimates there are at least 185,000 new lower extremity amputations every year and about 2 million amputees currently living in the United States.

Developers created the state-of-the-art swim leg for the "clinically unmet need for active amputees who were either hopping in the water without a leg on, or standing in the water with something that just provided support," said Todd Goldstein, Director of Northwell Ventures 3D Printing Laboratory, who designed and fabricated it.

When retired Marine Corporal Dan Lasko was injured thirteen years ago after his Hummer drove over an IED in Afghanistan, doctors informed him he would need to have his leg amputated from the knee down. "I didn't even know what a prosthetic leg looked like," Lasko joked about receiving the news.

Thirteen years

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